From my wicker chair

Sometimes our days don’t work out quite as we planned. Last night I was on a good roll and planned to finish stenciling the final vines on my garage wall. After Benoît, my son, went to school this morning, I wandered out to start playing with my paints.

Within minutes, a gentle rain started. So I packed up all and headed back inside.

But the outside beckoned me, and back I went to spend some time reading in my favourite wicker chair and listening to some good music. This is the view I see from my chair as I look toward the garden.

There was nary a breeze and as I looked up, I smiled at the heavenly blue Morning Glories. Yes, those again. There are so many blooms these days.

So now I sit and figure out what else I need to do to my wall. Here is a picture (below) of one part of the wall that is pretty much finished.

My friend Rox, is going to take some pictures when it is final. Since he’s an amazing photographer, I think he’ll be able to do more justice to the wall than I can.

It is kind of fun just having a day without stenciling. I am reading a wonderful novel by Kate Pullinger, A Little Stranger, and I’m listening to one of my all-time favourite songs by Simon & Garfunkel, The Only Living Boy in New York.

The only living boy in New York.
I get the news I need on the weather report.
I can gather all the news I need on the weather report.
Hey, I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.
Da-n-da-da-n-da-da-n-da-da here I am
The only living boy in New York

Half of the time we’re gone but we don’t know where,
And we don’t know here.

Tom, get your plane right on time.
I know you’ve been eager to fly now.
Hey let your honesty shine, shine, shine
Like it shines on me

Here’s to slow, lazy rainy days and savouring these simple moments.

39 thoughts on “From my wicker chair

  1. just enjoyed a lunchtime cuppa in your chair in the garden… yes, the view is lovely. thanks :o)

  2. I would like to sit in your beautiful white chair (it is exactly the chair I like to sit in!) and listen to Simon &Garfunkel too. I love their songs and they always remind me when I was young and full of dreams!Have a good time and enjoy your garden. We’ve had the first snow in our mountains this week!Barbara

  3. I love those kind of days…I rarely take time for them, but when I do it is always refreshing! Your garden spot there is so cozy… and the pots on top of your trellis look especially appealing!

  4. The stenciled flowers are swaying to the rhythm of the music. They are lovely!

  5. I am going to check out that author–I’ve heard of her, of course, but haven’t read anything yet.Great stencils! We have a mural, but I could never have done it–had to hire out.

  6. It’s good to do something different occasionally. Gives you a fresh perspective. The wall is so delicate and beautiful – can’t wait to see your friends pictures of it. I’m a Simon and Garfunkle fan and, yet, have never heard of that song. I’ll have to check it out on YouTube. You’re luckly you can sit outdoors – we are being terrorized by a huge mosquito crop now.

  7. What a coincidence. I had my ITunes library set on random and Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Only Living Boy in New York” came up just a few minutes before I read your post. It’s a great song. I wish we had more rainy days here. I feel the same way as you do about them, and always try to enjoy every minute sitting on my patio, watching the rain when it does come.

  8. I enjoyed your story. I love days like that. Don’t have to be anywhere or really do anything. Time to sit back,relax and take it all in.

  9. I wish I had more time to enjoy my garden. I’m glad the rain afforded you the time. Your stencil is looking beautiful.Your chair looks very calming and inviting.

  10. Slow and rainy days are what every soul needs. You have it right.Love the artwork on the wall!

  11. Kate what a wonderful view both the morning glories and the wall!! Wonderful!! Good job!! Amazing!!Happy relaxing weekend to you!! hugs NG

  12. You have a lovely, lovely blog. Thanks for all the pix of the morning glories. Heavenly Blue are my favorites, for sure.Best wishes, Your neighbor from North Dakota. (My aunt Mary used to take me to Regina for vacations. Such fond memories!)Julie FredericksenBismarck, ND

  13. Lovely post, Kate, and I’m consumed with happy envy over your Heavenly Blue Morning glories. Morning glories don’t do real well for me, so I just idolize them in other gardens. I owe you a letter; I’ll try to get to it while I’m away. Life has been smudging my edges this week too. 🙂 And I’m with you on The Only Livin’ Boy in New York, although my absolute favourite S and G song is Bookends.

  14. Hi Kate! What a nice rainy day! Your photos are beautiful — your stenciled wall is a masterpiece. And the morning glories look so happy too. Your son has a great name — very cool! I plan to do a bit of gardening tomorrow — I will let you know what I accomplish. Stop by my blog and pick up your Blogger Reflection Award! This is for people who inspire and encourage people in their blogging — and you inspire me everyday. I love your love of nature, gardening, dogs, art and writing and your sensitivity, kindness and humor. I hope you have a great weekend Kate!:)

  15. Your wall is a triumph, Kate. It is such a brilliant idea.I love reading in the afternoon, a real treat.

  16. You have made absolutely beautiful!!!!! work with your wall. Oh and there has been SO much work!

  17. Kate, your stenciled flowers are did such a pretty job. I’ll look forward to seeing the new photos of it.

  18. I tried to comment yesterday but couldn’t so I emailed you. Not sure you got it…here it is:Hi Kate, For some reason there are times I just cannot get the comment thing to come up on your blog, keeps saying page cannot be found. Rats! Anyhow, I wanted to comment on your delicate stencil on the wall …that is lovely! I wonder more about your artistic background and all that…maybe an email or blog post some day? I looked at your profile of fav are the only human on earth that I know that saw betty blue.I remember watching that movie in the early 90’s and was blown away by it. No kidding, I have seen that movie 14 times. Not sure it hits me so hard anymore…I think the first few years after seeing it I would make all my friends watch it and kept getting hit by it. Thank you for your kind, gentle inspiring comments on my blog. You are one of those people ‘out there’ that humbles me. Paula

  19. The wall is just gorgeous! You are so talented and wonderful! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!Take care.

  20. Granny fiddler – I’m glad you came for a cuppa. I always feel like picking up my fiddle when I see your comments!Barbara – Sometime you will have to come and sit in one of my wicker chairs, listening to my old tunes. I love Simon & Garfunkel … the thought of snow is not a good one, though I know it won’t be long before it falls. I had a dream of shovelling a few nights ago. Connie – I love my little garden haven here. The pots sitting on top of the trellis always make me smile. They look so beautiful with the blooms of the blue morning glories ambling through them. Layanne – The stenciled flowers do have that look … as if they are swaying… going every which direction. Elizabeth – Kate Pullinger also co-wrote the script to ‘The Piano’ with Jane Campion. This is a wonderful book, set mostly in England with parts in Canada. Alyssa – I am at that stage where I’m impatient to finish and see the final product. This aft, I’m hoping to put in the morning glory flowers and then I’ll pretty much be done. I see spots where I want to put more flowers, but I’m holding off because a few blank places looks okay too. We’ve had a great summer mosquito-wise. There haven’t been many at all. I’ve felt blessed because I have stenciled late into the night and not had to think about those pesky little critters. Aiyana – I think it is amazing that we were both listening to the same songs. How cool is that!! I imagine living in Arizona that rain is a treat when it comes. Sometimes I wish it away, but then think, no, the rain is good for the garden. Curtis – I love these slow unplanned kind of days. Usually I feel pressure to do things, but thankfully that hasn’t been present for a spell. Chigiy – I’ve had so much fun with the stencils. They’ve taken ages, but it has been a wonderful experience. I am going to miss it – so maybe I’ll have to do some stenciling in the house… I already have a bathroom covered in blackberry vines.Mary – we do need slow and rainy days, where we aren’t rushing about. Just having time to let one’s thoughts roll about is good.Yolanda – The morning glories have been incredible. Yesterday, there were 18 of the Heavenly Blue blooms open. I wanted to dry some of them, but didn’t because they look so lovely. Nature Girl – Thank you! This has been a good undertaking … I have begun to look more closely at flowers. Julie Marie – I am really happy that you visited me! I think it’s cool to know someone in North Dakota. I have many good memories of our shopping expeditions a few times each year to Minot. I always came home with a pair of shoes that no one else in my class had. My grandparents often went to Bismarck to visit relatives and stopped in Regina on their way there.Jodi – I’ve had incredible luck with Morning Glories this year. Some years, they don’t do much, but this summer, they have been out in abundance. I hope your trip goes well … Ah,’Bookends’ … I like it too. Clare – Thank you for the blogging award – you are such a lovely person. I will have to head over to your blog and read about it. That is wonderful. I love my son’s name – thankfully he hasn’t shortened it to Ben, although that would be okay too.

  21. Hi Kate! Your photos are always so beautiful and inviting. I wish I was sitting in your garden with you right now. I agree, lazy rainy days are the best! xoxo

  22. Fiona – Reading a whole afternoon away is one of my favourite things to do. I love it. My wall makes me really happy … it will be a good reminder of summer during the long winter months.Mariaj – Thank you so much – I have spent untold hours stenciling. Now I can’t quite imagine doing it again. It has taken a long time. Ruth – I am happy with the way the wall turned out, especially when I look at pictures of it before. Nikki – That’s a good word to describe the wall – transformed. I can’t quite believe that it is almost done. Paula – It’s incredible that I was answering your email around the same time you posted this comment. I wasn’t on the computer yesterday, so didn’t read my emails till this morning. I hope you got my reply. Laura – That is wonderful of you to say – I love working with colour and stenciling is one thing I love. The repetitiveness of it is so calming. I could stencil the entire day away.

  23. Hello Kate, You’ve spoken of the wall so often, and spent so much time working on it that I knew it had to be very special, but your photo shows me this project is far beyond my imagining – what a space you’re creating! Annie at the Transplantable RoseP.S. Paula’s comment is sending me to the list of movies in your profile. I saw Betty Blue years ago, and have but a vague memory of enjoying the film. I must have been too old to be influenced ;-]

  24. The musical night and the quiet time spent reading in your garden both sound equally appealing in their different ways. I would have loved to be there listening to the fiddle music – I don’t suppose you could recommend a couple of CDs of Celtic fiddle music? Your stencilling is looking great, what a difference you’ve made.

  25. back for a monday morning cuppa as i sort the day’s work in my mind… i’ll justs settle in that comfy white wicker chair and put my feet up, let your beautiful garden still my mind… the past week has seen a heavy workload. a suggestion regarding practicing your instrument… i keep mine out where it’s visible and convenient to pick up. when i had a piano, it sat atop the piano on a soft cloth. this means when i’ve a few minutes between doing other things, i’ll pick it up and play a tune or 2. if it’s put away in a case, it gets forgotten when i’m very busy. presently it hangs by the scroll from a lovely ornamental hook on the wall. be sure it’s not in a place where direct sunlight will hit it, or too close to a heat register, etc. and may i take the liberty of suggesting a few of my favorite fiddlers to Rowan? on top of the list is a group called Puirt a Baroque (pronounced ‘Poosht a Baroque’) they do a lovely blend of Cape Breton fiddling on modern instruments, and the Baroque music it originates from, on period instruments. my fav of their discs is ‘Bach meets Cape Breton’. another fav is Natalie McMaster… anything by her is super. and, finally, The Calgary Fiddlers is a group of High School kids from, you guessed it, Calgary, who do some terrific arrangements. the group Barrage is a bunch of Calgary Fiddlers who went on after graduating high school to start another group.

  26. short note about hanging the fiddle from the wall… i neglected to mention that there’s a loop of soft ribbon on the hook on the wall, that the scroll of the fiddle rests hooks into.

  27. Linda – I wish you could come and sit in my garden sometime. Lytton would lie happily at our feet and no doubt would adore you. Annie – I threw my heart into the wall project. It has been great fun … Betty Blue was one of those films that has stayed with me for years. I’d like to see it again – maybe I would feel entirely different about it now. I seem to like really offbeat films… Rowan – Music nights are always wonderful. The energy is incredible and everyone has a lot of fun. I want to have another one soon … and get more mandolins playing! The stenciling has been a labour of love! I’m adding a few fiddle recommendations to Granny Fiddler’s list! Natalie McMaster is spectacular. Granny Fiddler – Thanks for the suggestions about fiddle music. You are one of the only people I know who have heard of Puirt à baroque – I would add Liz Carroll to your list and also Celtic Fiddle Festival. I’m also a fan of Maeve Donnelly.I have my fiddle hanging from my music stand – on this fiddle hook thing. If I put my fiddle in its case, I rarely ever play it. That is good advice! Out of sight often equals out of mind – and with fiddling, the more you play, the better you get. I’m glad you came for another morning cuppa!!

  28. The wall is lovely and impressive. I like the look of the morning glories through the trellis. I would have thought that it would be an impediment but it actually works beautifully with the vines.

  29. Hello Kate, your wall is turning out lovely. I have question, where did you get the stencils? Did you make them yourself? We seem to have only rainy days lately and not much time to enjoy the garden. Reading that you like Simon & Garfunkel put a smile to my face. Listening to that brings back the teenage years to mind and lots of memories. Thanks for sharing! Andrea

  30. Thanks for stopping by my blog Kate — especially as it gave me the chance to visit your own. What a wonderful place, I felt all the stresses of the day unload as soon as I walked into your garden. Great writing!

  31. What a lovely delicate stencil you’ve chosen for this wall; it’s very pretty. IMO one can never have too many Morning Glories! ;-)The Only Living Boy in New York is one of my favorite Simon & Garfunkle songs too!

  32. I am celebrating your beautiful wall! It is a wonder and beautifully done… you have worked magic.

  33. Hi Kate! Moose and I just stopped by to say “hi” — hope your week is going well. The apple is still in the pine tree!:)

  34. Hi Ki – I love the look of the morning glories through the trellis. The large blooms really stand out. Andrea – I collected the stencils over the years from various sources … Deesigns, Buckingham Stencils,and I’ve also cut some of my own. Every time I hear Simon & Garfunkel, I feel as if I’m 16 all over again!Jo – I’m glad you came by for a visit and thank you for your comments! Yolanda Elizabet – I love the morning glory stencils and I agree that one can never have too many morning glories. Ah, doesn’t Simon and Garfunkel bring back great memories?Thanks Pam! It feels a bit magical – I can’t believe I’m almost done. It has taken ages!Clare – Hi and hugs for you and Moose. Lytton wasn’t too pleased because of all the rain today!

  35. Kate – I love your wall – I can’t wait to see the rest of it. You are truly gifted. What a joy it would be to see that everyday!Your view of the garden is lovely – almost like being in the garden, I would imagine. The morning glories are such a great shade of blue. A lot of my plants are putting on that last big show before the cold weather too.Isn’t it fun, once in awhile!, to have a rainy day – sit and read – enjoy the fruits of your outdoor labors without feeling you should be doing something – I love it!

  36. “The Only Living Boy In New York” is one of my favourite songs, but I had forgotten until just now. Thanks for putting it back into my head!

  37. You have two lovely walls – one stenciled, and one heavenly blue! Magical!

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