A magical music night

Since it was the Labour Day weekend here, I figured it would be fun to have a party last night. What a blast it was. My son and I were surrounded by friends and music. My new back garden sitting area was just large enough to contain us all. The weather was fine and the music was out of this world. By the time I thought to take photographs, it was dark. I also just wanted to savour these moments.

We were all feeling a bit nostalgic since our fiddle teacher, Shamma Sabir, is returning to British Columbia tomorrow after many weeks teaching at various fiddle camps and finishing off research here for her Master’s thesis.

In the afternoon, we had a fiddle group lesson which was just like our old Saturday afternoon group lessons. Shamma is as skilled a teacher as she is a fiddle player and that is truly saying something. Her good friend, Ray Bell, is incredibly talented on the guitar. To hear Shamma and Ray play together is a sublime experience. I wish they could have played on and on. Alas, our evening came to an end with much laughter and a host of new memories.

We had wonderful food, wine and conversation in abundance. Erin, my friend Jan’s young daughter, was so sweet when she came and asked if she could have a rock from my garden. When she first saw my garden, she said, “It’s just like a jungle”. Ian and Brigid, my friend Mary’s children, were amazing as Brigid played the fiddle along with Shamma and Ian accompanied many tunes on guitar. Ian played his ukelele along with his kazoo and it was just hilarious. My son thought about taking out his flute, but decided he was too out of practice after not having picked it up during the summer months.

Roseanne made some delicious chocolate tamari almonds and I have been nibbling on them for much of this day. I was most impressed when Roseanne identified my Turkestan Burning Bush (see picture above) – for the longest time I thought this was some sort of Willow until I saw a picture in a gardening book and realised what I had. It had been tagged as a Willow at the nursery.

My Amaranthus plants (one pictured at left) continues to look great. I will miss them when the first frost hits.

I also took a picture of another Gentian which I think might be a Gentiana dahurica.

29 thoughts on “A magical music night

  1. How lovely your garden party sounds! Your “jungle” is a great place of discovery.

  2. Your party sounds like it was so much fun. I don’t have a musical bone in my body, so I’m very envious of all you talented musical people.Your garden looks wonderful.

  3. That sounds like a great party to lift the spirits. Your Turkestan Burning Bush (Euonymus nana) is beautiful, I love to see the Spindle bushes in the English hedgerows in autumn (Euonymus europeans) the pink and orange seeds against a bright blue sky are a magical colour combination.Celia

  4. WoW what a wonderful jam party. All the music going on around your place must of been grand.

  5. I just discovered your comment on my blog. I had no idea there were comments on that post about Von Arnim’s biography until today, so please forgive my tardiness. How nice to discover such a lovely garden blog! I’ve been looking at your beautiful flowers and one that we share is the blue/black salvia–from Canada to the Deep South, that’s a wide range, isn’t it. I keep my garden entries on my quilting blog — and today, I should be out there working, instead of on the computer!

  6. Love your Amaranthus, Kate!I really must try to remember to plant some of that next year. It’s such a fascinating flower.

  7. what a wonderful day you had in your lovely Jungle. it’s been so hot here i haven’t wanted to do much but hide indoors. just one more moth till fall, oh i can’t wait!!

  8. Connie – It was a wonderful party. I’m glad that I am back in fiddle-play mode. It was almost as if I’d been at fiddle camp.Nikki – Ah, there are few things better than exploring in a jungle, especially for a young child. Chigiy – It’s never too late to pick up an instrument. You’d be surprised at how much fun it is as an adult to learn – besides it is supposed to be good for our brains!! I need all the help I can get. Celia – Thank you for telling me the Latin plant name. I am not good when it comes to trees and shrubs. Perennials are a different story. I’d love to see the Spindle bushes in seed. It must be beautiful.Curtis – It was a grand evening and it was good to share my garden – we were all crammed into my new back sitting area, instruments and all. Jenclair – And I discovered your garden blog. Thank you – it was a treat to discover. I imagine your blue and black Salvia lives outdoors all year long. Mine is growing as an annual here, although I’ve plans to haul some in and also take some cuttings. I love this plant. Zoey – Next year I am hoping that my Amaranthus will self-seed again. It has been fun seeing the new plants pop up in odd places. They are such interesting and easy-going plants. Aria – I’m glad you came for a visit. Now I’m thinking about rocket pops! It’s a hot day here… one of the few before the frost hits and the snow arrives. Wah!

  9. We just went and saw The Black Irish Band. The fiddle was so lively. I’m glad you had a wonderful celebration.

  10. food, music, friends and wine, in a beautiful outdoor setting!! does it get any better than that?! don’t let your fiddle grow cold. they’re happiest when they’re played.

  11. Hi Kate: Looks to me like that’s G. dahurica, as I have it too. Not as showy as G. septemfida but oh well–it’s blue and we all know blue is a good thing!Glad you had fun with friends and music and food and such. A good way to wind down the main part of summer (pre-school, for those with school-age children).

  12. It sounds as though you had a great summer send off! It is gratifying to share the garden with others in such a festive atmosphere!

  13. The party sounds grand! I’d love to have a music party and play along with others. How lucky to have such a gifted and talented teacher. It must be wonderful to learn from her. Music can do such magical and spiritual things to people. What great memories you all will share.

  14. That sounds like a really super evening, Kate. There is nothing like the magical combination of friends, live music and a beautiful garden.

  15. How lovely to use that spot for a great party. I “grow” amaranth-well, I sowed the seeds once and just let them pop up wherever. Here the leaves are used as food,like spinach.

  16. Hi Kate! What a fun party — it sounds like it was a total blast. And live music played by friends is the best!! It’s great that the weather cooperated too. Your Turkestan Burning Bush is breathtaking — I clicked on the photo to see the bigger version and I can totally see how you thought it was a willow. It’s really beautiful. The chocolate tamari almonds sound intriguing — neat combination of flavors. Any chance of posting a recipe? My mouth is watering. Moose wants to try some too, but I told him he’s not supposed to eat chocolate. I hope your week is going well! “Hi” to Lytton, too.:)

  17. Hi KateHow absolutely wonderful. To be surrounded by friends, family, flowers and song!As always your blog is a beautifully written bright spot in my day. Good to hear you sounding so very happy!Lauraxoxoxo

  18. Kate, your party sounds like something I used to go to when I lived in Oklahoma. The country people had what they called music parties, very large gatherings, with lots of food laid out on sawhorse tables. We were right at the edge of the Ozark Mts, a region well known for bluegrass music. People took turns playing on the stage (usually a flatbed truck) and it went on for hours and hours. Even nicer is the fact that you were playing music with your friends. I like the Turkish Burning Bush. We should be able to go it here, don’t you think?

  19. What interesting flowers on your Turkestan Burning Bush. Will the leaves turn a brilliant red in the fall too?Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  20. Kate,Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love it how people follow a link and there it is–serendipity! Your post about the elder tree was poignant and yet I sensed the healing in the act of planing the tree.I agree that my sweater should be for a girl; I just wondered what other people would think.Willow

  21. Hi Kate – your party sounds like so much fun – what a wonderful “end of summer” celebration.I love the Gentian. And the amaranthus – is this Love-Lies-Bleeding?? I’ve been wanting to try that for years – is this the same plant? Either way, I’m putting amaranthus on my list for next year.

  22. Sounds like you had a great time! :))There is always an occation to celebrate in life….!! To share and rejoice.I guess you have lot`s of good memories since Shamma left, back to beautiful British Columbia.I have been there.A breath taking landscape. The fjords and the mountains.Reminded me of Norway actually.Vancouver was a delight to visit! 🙂 Your Gentiana Dahurica are lovely in it`s blue shades. :)Enjoy life and gardening.Hugs – Ida.

  23. Kate,We all need a reason to party! Glad you had a grand time with music, friends, food, and flowers.I had to laugh at the little girl’s comment: “It’s just like a jungle.” Aren’t kids amusing?Sorry I’m late to your party…

  24. Tammy – The Black Irish Band plays incredible music. I love them. They have so much energy. Grannyfiddler – It doesn’t get any better than this. My fiddle has been humming and is getting played constantly since then. It seems happier than ever. Jodi- Any blue in the garden at this time of year is most welcome. It was a fitting way to begin the school year. These early mornings will take some getting used to! Layanee – The garden was a perfect spot for the party. We played all evening long. Alyssa – What I love about these gatherings is how spontaneous they are. They take on their own rhythm and everyone gets so into it. It is a balm for the soul. Fiona – It was a magical combination with good weather too! Bindi – There was much joy and laughter. I am glad that e had the party. Nicole – I love the way Amaranthus self seeds and how it pops up in the most unusual places. Clare – Lytton would happily share his chocolate treats with Moose (the vet said that the only chocolate that is really hard on dogs are the kinds that have a high cacao content. Milk chocolate is okay, especially for our big guys. Laura – Thanks for stopping by – I’m always glad when you visit! Sandy- Those parties sound wonderful – good memories for you. I love the way musicians can get together and play all kinds of tunes without any music and with lots of improvising. You should be able to grow the Burning Bush there without any problem. It would probably do better there than here. Ki – I love the colours of the Burning Bush. They leaves are turning a reddish colour now. This has been its best year so far. Willow – I loved seeing your knitting and I am glad that it is for a girl. There was a lot of healing in planting the tree and then having a party. Kris – Yes, this is Love-Lies-Bleeding. I like other varieities of Amaranthus too and will be putting in more next year. Ida – Sharing and rejoicing make life much better, I think. We have so mnay good memories of Shamma – these were more to add to our store of them. British Columbia has so many beautiful places – I love going there, especially in the mountains. Mary – I love having a reason to party. Kids are amusing. They come out with the coolest things sometimes. And anyone who loves and collects rocks wins over my heart any day!

  25. It sounds like you had a great time. Nothing better than a party in the garden at the end of summer and yours sounds wonderful. Like the sound of those chocolate tamari almonds!Kim x

  26. Sounds like a great party. I immediately put Fit by the Old Blind Dogs in the CD player after I read it the first time (a couple of days ago and I’m just now getting around to commenting). Then I noticed that particular CD doesn’t feature the fiddle much. Back to the stacks for Winifred Horan.Your Turkestan Burning Bush has very similar flowers/fruit to Euonymus americana, one of my favorite sights of autumn. Yours has MUCH nicer foliage than E. americana though.

  27. Music and gardens are such a beautiful mixture! I can almost imagine this party! I am also learning to play the guitar, but lately I have no time for anything else except work. So my plants (and my friends) never heard my guitar!

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