Up popped the mushrooms

I guess this is what happens when one isn’t looking too closely in the garden. Since I’ve been sick with an infection for several days now, I haven’t paid much attention to the goings-on in my garden.

Today my eye was drawn to this large white blob sticking out of the patch of thyme. For a moment, I thought it was simply my fever-addled brain conjuring up images. On closer inspection though, there lay nestled a large, perfectly-formed mushroom. There were several more poking up through neighbouring plants. hmmm… what does this mean?? Maybe I am meant to be growing fungi rather than flowers!

I didn’t have long to hold that thought since the fish were clamouring for my attention. Most days, they seem to want food more often than Lytton, the big brown dog, which is saying something.Through the foliage in this picture (at left), you can catch a glimpse one of the fish (lower right-hand corner of pic).

Even though I am feeling sad about not being able to go to fiddle camp this week, I was cheered by the passion fruit growing on the passion flower vine. There are currently seven fruits ripening on the vine. I’m amazed at my fruit-growing ability. ahem…

And then there are numerous self-seeding Love-Lies-Bleeding (Amaranthus) plants, something I can identify with these days. I put several in a large pot on the front porch and will post a picture of their long tassels.

In this picture (at left), the tassels are just starting to form. This is a fun plant – the tassels are unusual and the leaves have a matching tinge to them.

I couldn’t resist including some pink-flower pictures. These are gorgeous vines which have bloomed for much of the summer. At right, is the larger flower of the Mandevilla while at bottom, is a picture of the intrepid Dipladena.

Soon both vines will need to be moved indoors as our night temperatures start falling.

Not only are they beautiful, but they also have the added bonus of having names I love repeating as I make up silly songs while playing in the garden.

45 thoughts on “Up popped the mushrooms

  1. I love pink in the garden.and blue and purple and yellow and red and …..

  2. How lovely and beautiful are your garden plants! It is very nice to know your virtual garden, so green and fresh. Thank you for your visit and link to my blog. I hope you get well soon!

  3. Hope you’re soon feeling better.Your garden is full of interesting plants – I’ve been trying to grow Amaranth (callaloo) as a veg but this summer has been so dull and damp they haven’t done well.Beautiful flower pictures as usual!Celia

  4. It sure is a perfectly formed mushroom. Those passion fruits should make a absolutely delicious fruit drink. I’m amazed you can grown them so far north. Mandevillas are beautiful and tropical but I’ve resisted buying one because I don’t know how well they keep indoors. The Dipladena looks like an Allamanda only colored deep pink. I hope you are feeling better and have fully recovered now.

  5. i often ‘go’ to clairesgarden for my morning cuppa… today i came to yours, and it’s most refreshing. sorry to hear about your ill health; hope you’re on the mend now. and sorry to hear you’re missing out on fiddle camp, for obvious reasons ;o)Mandevilla and Dipladena sound like names that should be said in a deep, sultry southern USA drawl, while sippin’ on a mint julep on the veranda, in a frothy summer frock, and a wide brimmed hat. they sound like gracious southern ladies.

  6. I hope you’re feeling better soon! Make sure you post your niceness award somewhere on your blog, you are super nice. and your pictures are always gorgeous.

  7. As always, I am transported by the pictures from your garden. And I’m impressed with your success with passion fruit, you must be all green thumbs!How’s the blue wall coming?Feel better soon.

  8. Aunt C, you’re sick with an infection? Have you called my mummy? She’ll fix you right up! I hope you’re feeling better soon. Did you get my phone message and my latest email? Love you!

  9. Beautiful photos, Kate! The mushroom one looks like a moonscape…although maybe that’s just my overactive imagination! xoxo

  10. Passion fruit? I am impressed. I have a passion flower vine that hasn’t grown at all this year, much less borne fruit. I think it may need a spot with more sunshine.That pink Mandevilla blossom is so pretty!!

  11. I’m sorry you’ve missed your fiddle camp, Kate! I hope that you’re starting to feel much better from being under the weather. Your garden looks radiant, so I hope it’s cheering you as well as delighting us.

  12. You’ve got as many tropical flowers in Saskatchewan as I have in TX, Kate ~ are you sure it was a fever? You’re not absent mindedly chewing on the mushrooms or mandevilla? Sure hope you feel better soon! The idea of passion fruit is very cool – mine made a few flowers, but I didn’t even think to check if they’re making fruit until I saw this post. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  13. Ew-I have been seeing mushrooms too! I hate them. Why now–they nevr came up before. Love your flowers though.

  14. Hi Kate! I just got back from being out of town. Thank you so much for saying “hi” while I was gone — I was so happy to see that!! I will catch up with everything over the next few days but I wanted to run over here and say “hi” — I see you have been sick with an infection — I sure hope that is getting better! Take care.:)

  15. Hi Kate- Aren’t amaranthus some of the most wonderful plants!! I didn’t have any this year and I regret it. Can’t wait to see your “Loves Lies Bleeding” when the tassels form. Some of the other types with bright foliage are super too. Lovely pink flower pictures – especially at this late summer time when there is so much yellow going on. Hope you feel better as the week goes by.

  16. Hi Kate – hope you’re feeling better. I had to smile at the mushroom – I have them growing in my garden too. I keep waiting for one of the dogs to get to them before I do. I have never seen passion fruit growing before – good job! Very fun.Several years ago one of my sons dated a wonderful gardener who told me I should grow Love-Lies-Bleeding. I haven’t done it, but I think next year I will. Do you have yours on a fence or ?? It’s a very cool looking plant.I love your pink Mandevilla. Last year I had one that grew at least 15 feet long – this year the one I have is 10 inches! Lots of blooms, but not what I was expecting!

  17. Passion Fruit is tropical! How do you do it? I’ve tried various fruits, such as Pineapple Guava, but they never work.I would think our climate would support them better than so far north. Who knew!We do have plenty of citrus here, but I don’t have any trees–too much water use.Aiyana

  18. Kate, Kate, Kate….I am so sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. I hope you’re on the mend. Passion fruit! How neat! You should be proud! Your pond looks so lovely. Like a nice place to relax…And those glorious pinks…Did I read that you will soon have to take them in?? Say it isn’t so. It’s still August! Oh well, we’ll enjoy them as long as possible (like that ‘we’!!!) If you weren’t so terribly far away, I’d have to bring you over some homemade chicken soup. It does cure everything, right?Do take care. We miss you out here in blogland.

  19. Oh, I love that shot of the mandevilla just unfurling! Hope you are feeling better, Kate.

  20. You must be feeling better…out in the garden again.Mandevilla are new in my garden and not doing very well. I imagine when the temps lower a bit they should perk up.I see those fish eyeing you up!

  21. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been well Kate, hope you are feeling better now. Fungus means the beginning of autumn to me – is it a really,really mushroom or some other kind of fungus? I get puffballs in the garden every year but they aren’t as white as the one in your photo. I think they are actually edible but I know too little to take any risks!

  22. Hi Kate, what a beautiful white mushroom! And for free! I hope you are feeling better. Your garden is looking lovely. Nothing better than anticipating passion fruit!

  23. Kate, I’m so sorry you’ve been sick, please get better soon. No wonder you thought you were seeing things in the garden when the mushrooms popped up! After two nights of rain here, my lawn has sprouted all those little martians too, big ones, little ones, they’re all over. I find them so amusing and amazing. How do they do that overnight? Lovely flower photos, thanks for the pink!

  24. I’m back. Hope you are feeling well.We have mushroom caps about 3 inches wide popping up above the grass. It’s DRY. I wonder what’s up with THAT?

  25. Lots of beautiful blooms in your garden, Kate! And passion fruit! I cut back my passion flower severely because can you believe it hasn’t bloomed ONCE all summer? I think it must have bloomed itself out while in the house this winter. Anyway, it’s a mere shadow of its former self and it will have to start all over. I’ve never had it produce fruit, however.By the way, I got the movie and Kara and I watched it last night. I loved it! I’ll be blogging about it soon and sending it on. Oh, and I got the second mail, too, with the brochure. 😉 Thanks!

  26. Kate – I haven’t visited for way too long – so many beautiful flowers have appeared in your garden. I am excited at the blossom appearing in our street – signaling at last we are due for a change of season! Sorry you have been unwell – I hope you are getting stronger. I wish I had you here to look over the landscape works in progress next door, when they are complete, we will do the big move.Megan xo

  27. Kate: I love mushrooms also! They appear magically don’t they? I hope you are feeling a bit better by now! Enjoy the weekend!

  28. Get well soon kate. I am a big mushroom fan, eat them too, only when I am sure I can tho. Hope you are feeling better xx

  29. I just love your photos, and the lyrical way you describe them. I wish I could see your beautiful garden in person.

  30. Claire – That’s the same with me – I like all colours and putting them together is what I love doing the best. Jardineira aprendiz – Thank you for visiting … I can’t read Portuguese but I can enjoy your incredible photographs! Celia – Amaranth would be a good veggie to grow. They probably need lots of sun and heat … I wonder what the leaves of my Amaranthus taste like. I’ll let you know!Ki – I’m amazed that these passion fruits have appeared too. I hope they all ripen at the same time since they are pretty small. Mandevillas keep well indoors as long as you watch for little bugs such as spider mites. They need some humidity though which is tough when the furnace runs for months on end. Gretchen – I’m glad you came for a look again!Granny Fiddler – You would have a good idea of how I feel about missing fiddle camp – there were incredible instructors and several of my friends going. Next year, I keep telling myself. I agree with you about Mandevilla and Dipladena – they do sound like gracious Southern ladies. Laura – Thank you for the ‘niceness’ award. You mustn’t have read about how I murdered endless tent caterpillars this summer! You are a sweetie!Pam – I’m impressed with my passion fruit success too, considering that I didn’t do anything but repot and water faithfully. I thought that my repotting would have slowed down the growth, but instead it had the opposite effect. Thanks for asking about the blue wall – I haven’t done as much as I’ve wanted to this week. I now have 7 Foxgloves and 9 Delphiniums completed… along with about 1/2 of the Wisteria vine. I am feeling a bit of urgency since the evenings are starting to cool down here. Tones – You are adorable and I love you dearly! I didn’t phone your mum since she is on holidays. She would have had me shipshape in no time, I know! Abby – The mushroom does have a certain lunar quality to it. No it isn’t your imagination … not at all!!Jodi – I am really bummed that I missed out hearing Gord Stobbe as well as Theresa Burke. Plus my former fiddle teacher, Shamma, was there. Next year … My garden has been a balm these past days = not earlier in the week when I wasn’t doing anything at all. Connie – I’m impressed too. This vine flowered its little heart out before setting fruit. I love the way the spent flower blossoms perch on the top of each fruit… reminding us that they were once there. Annie – The thing about TX is that you can keep them outside all year long, whereas I need to make room for them all in the house. I don’t mind that at all, except that they are far more susceptible to spider mites, mealy bugs etc. I’m determined to give them more attention this winter. My other passion flower vine didn’t set fruit. The blossoms just fell off … I will have to arrange the passion fruits on a platter and photograph them (that is, if they don’t freeze in the meantime!)Elizabeth – I haven’t a clue why we’ve got mushrooms. This is the first year they’ve appeared in the garden … they’ll probably appear for the next few years too, judging from what I’ve read about them. Sandy – Guilty – I fiddle and I also play the mandolin, both of which I have neglecting this summer. It’s the darn wall that is keeping me outside. If I could pick up my fiddle when I take a break from painting, I would. The neighbours might not like that too much though. Clare – It’s good to know you are back! I was missing your poetry. Alyssa – I love amaranthus. I like the way they reseeded and now come up here and there. I also planted some that I got at the garden centre and those are the ones that have the really long tassels. I doubt my own seedlings will have time before frost to put on the same show. That’s what I like about having plants that bloom for long periods … providing some fresh colour in the late summer. Kris – Dogs seem to know better than to eat them. Of course, my dog refuses to eat veggies. Do yours? You should try love-lies-bleeding… it is a fun plant to see – provides interesting colour and textures. Most of mine are in flowerbeds and It’s incredible that your Mandevilla grew that long. Mine is maybe 5 or 6 feet at best. I wonder if you ended up with a drawf variety this year. My Dipladena have stayed small too and I’m sure the ones I was growing years ago were far more vine-like.Aiyana – I really haven’t a clue why this passion flower set fruit. It’s a mystery to me – maybe it was pollinated at just the perfect time. The thing about our summers is that they get hot and are dry – they don’t last long unfortunately. Luckily we’ve had way more rain than usual and my watering has been minimal. We also had a good snow cover last year … and that helps. GG – I am enjoying my pond this year far more than I have in previous years when it was leaking. The fish are happy, the plants are growing incredibly and I haven’t had any algue problems either. I’d have loved chicken soup this past week. My son was really sweet and kept making chicken fingers for me … I ended up eating a lot of toast! Nikki – Isn’t it cool the way the bloom opens – such a pale colour that turns to a deep pink. I will post another Dipladena that I have – almost a red shade. They have put out tons of blooms all summer long. Mary – The fish love me – I feel most popular. They now are pulling the food out of my hand and so I’m beginning to know them far better. I always feel terribly guilty when I have to bring them indoors in October. The poor koi of last year froze before I got them in… I am still feeling horrible about that. I can’t figure out why I’ve got mushrooms this year and haven’t in years past. Oh well, some things are better as mysteries, right?Rowan – Since I haven’t had mushrooms popping up, I’ve never really thought of them as harbingers of autumn. Now I will though … Bindi – I thought the mushroom looked so perfect. It still does, although it’s shrunk a bit. Others have popped up since, but don’t look quite so white and perfectly shaped. Lost Roses – The mushrooms are truly amazing. They do spring up overnight and it makes one wonder if little nocturnal creatures are arranging that for us. Knew you’d enjoy the pink. Kylee – I wonder what’s up with your Passion flower? It must have got its bloom times mixed up. I’m glad you enjoyed the movie. I did too and wrote about it a short while ago. Megan – I think I am going to enjoy spring vicariously through Australian blogs. Please post some pictures! I would love to see what you are doing for landscaping – what fun that would be! I imagine you are really looking forward in getting the move done. Layanee – Mushrooms do appear as if by magic. It is raining today so I’m hoping to get some housework done. Being sick is no fun. Sarah – I love mushrooms too and have eyed these with an eye to cooking, but I haven’t been able to identify them. Too bad, because I have a nice little crop of them!Kate – Sometime you will have to make the short trip and see my garden. I love writing about my garden.

  31. Yo Carmelita – How’re you feeling – sure hope you’re on the mend – we tried to call tonight but alas no answer – lornypop also wanted to tell you about our new birds – can’t quite believe it – 2 budgies… still working on names – hopefully they’ll be easier to manage than a dog!! LYL Pippi

  32. Hi Kate,I love your garden. It’s so romantic and feminine.Those mushrooms must have been a surprise.Hope that you are feeling better soon. What a shame that you had to miss fiddle camp.

  33. A puffball! Cool photo, and beautiful flower shots, too. I hope you’re on the mend!

  34. Hi Kate, sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. I hope that you are on the mend. The pictures of your garden are beautiful, as always! Thanks for sharing and take care.

  35. Kate – my dogs will eat anything! Kobie regularly eats plant leaves that I’m sure are poisonous – and then barfs. Such a sweet dog! Veggies and fruit (grapes are very entertaining) are some of the more civilized things they eat.

  36. Hi Kate! I hope you had a great weekend. I’m going to plant a bunch of things this week — a friend is letting me take clippings from his many types of cacti and other kinds of plants/flowers. I’m excited about it. I hope your infection is all cleared up!:)

  37. Hi Pips – You missed the last part of the football game, although I was pleased to hear that you are now the proud owners of two budgies. That brought back memories of my finches … one was named Jacques. Otto and Willi were my two black cats. Hi Cottage Smallholder – Those mushrooms were a surprise although we don’t seem to be getting any new ones this week. I was really bummed about missing fiddle camp. Maybe I’m just destined to play the mandolin more! Hi Pam – Mushrooms seem to be everywhere these days!Genie – Thank you for giving this mushroom a name… I had fun taking pictures of it.Laura – Thanks for visiting – I’m definitely on the mend this week, although I wish I had more energy. Mostly I just sit and look at the garden pinpointing what needs to be done, but not quite doing anything. Kris – So Kobie and Lytton would be great green foraging companions. When L. eats too much grass, he barfs it up in bits and pieces … leaving a nasty little trail. So far, I’m only found L. eating grass. There are times when I feel slightly guilty for not having any grass, except ornamental grasses for L. When he’s in the park or the back alley, he just gobbles up grass like there’s no tomorrow. Clare – I am really glad that you are getting some cacti clippings. I will leave the name of a wonderful blog about cacti mostly.

  38. Thank you for your visit to my blog a few days ago. Apologies for taking so long to reciprocate: I only just got my broadband back, after weeks on horrible dialup!Have you heard of eating amaranth seeds? Apparently it is a superfood and was also eaten by the Aztecs. A few months back I was able to buy a German health bar made from popped, yes popped, amaranth seeds (amazing tiny popcorn). It was combined with dried cherry and coated in carob chocolate. AND ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! I had to restrain myself from eating one every afternoon as I sat at my desk! (An expensive habit.) Very sad that they stopped selling it and I can find it nowhere else.

  39. I love, love , love the picture of the mushroom popping out of the thyme. I have thyme growing all over the pathways of my garden. It smells so good when you step on it

  40. Wow, we are in such different zones but we both grow mandevilla, amaranth ( I grow the edible varieties)and passion flower/fruit. Beautiful pics.

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