A ‘Heavenly Blue’ Day

There was a treat in store for me this morning – two Heavenly Blue Morning Glories vines were in bloom. I was surprised to find them in bloom this early considering that last year, these vines did not start blooming till late August. I suppose it has something to do with the incredibly hot stretches of weather we have been having throughout July.

There is something about this colour of blue that truly is other-worldly. I don’t think I could ever tire of them. If only they lasted for more than one day. But then, perhaps that is what gives them their charm.

My current plan is to see if I can dry these blooms without tearing them. They are so delicate that I’m not sure how well this will work.

Speaking of blue flowers, I am pleased to see that the Nigella are beginning to bloom. Unlike past years, where most of the Nigella blooms are the same deeper blue colour, I have been greeted also both with white and with pink blooms. I suspect that they may be the ‘Persian Jewels’ cultivar. Time will tell as the Nigella spread in other parts of the garden begin to flower.

And because it was hot and sunny today, I enjoyed catching glimpses of the Helianthus while I worked in the garden. These plants are so easy to grow and seem to spread slowly.

I was also pleased to see that the Clematis tangutica has started blooming. Yesterday, the vines increased by about a foot, almost obliterating my bamboo/rope trellis. I love the shape and colour of these flowers. Hopefully more will appear, since in past years, the vine was covered with these small, delicate blooms.

Before I go off to sleep, I thought I would leave you with a picture of my new seating area looking through yet another bamboo trellis. I am so enjoying this area, especially as I watch the flowers continue to appear on my garage wall (wisteria vines are coming along well though taking a long time).

Thank you to everyone who read and posted a comment to my previous blog entry. It meant much to me.

40 thoughts on “A ‘Heavenly Blue’ Day

  1. Hi Kate! Your photos are a feast for the eyes and soul with such beautiful and vibrant colors! I love watching your flowers and vines bursting with such enthusiasm and joy. Your new seating area is fantastic — I would sit there all the time and talk with the plants if I were there — it looks like such an enchanting spot.:)

  2. Don’t you think that gardening is just one big adventure? You never know what your garden will throw at you next. And that’s the fun of it, isn’t it? I do so love all this little surprise; of plants flowering much earlier than usual or far more prolific than expected.Your garden looks great Kate and I see many of my favorites florishing in your Canadian garden too.What colour wisteria have you planted? I planted my first wisteria this year, a white one (hopefully). Now we both will have to wait for them to flower. It can take a while I gather. Never mind, gardening is also about patience.

  3. How I would love to come and sit in your gardens, to experience the colors, the fragrances and the peace. It must be so uplifting. And I simply adore morning glories!

  4. That blue morning glory is amazing. You could get lost in there! I think your flowers are so pretty because you’re so sweet and kind to them.xo

  5. Heavenly Blue Morning Glory is a favorite of mine, too! The vines don’t seem to produce as many flowers as other types I grow, but the color and size of the blooms is what keeps me growing them each year!

  6. So lovely, but you know that I like blue. The bamboo trellis came out great. Is that your idea, or did you get the plan out of a gardening book?

  7. Heavenly blues are lovely and for some reason I didn’t play any this year. The morning glories are blooming early here too. They usually climb to the top of the arbour before blooming and this year they are only about half way up and blooms are opening each morning.

  8. Clare – That is what I find myself doing often … sitting in my new area. Mostly I think about the next flowers or colours I might add to the garage wall. And yes, I find myself talking to my flowers. Yikes! A sure sign of impending madness…Yolanda Elizabet – That is so true gardening as adventure. So much of gardening is a surprise … like your cat!Oh, and I didn’t plant wisteria – I stenciled many vines and flowers on the garage wall. It is too cold here for Wisteria sadly … it is one of my favourite vines. Pam – I would love it if you could come and sit in the garden for a time. It is serene at this time of year. I especially love all the bee/dragonfly/butterfly activity. It makes me stop and watch … Linda – The blue morning glory makes me want to sing. It is a gorgeous colour. I try and be sweet and kind to my flowers as well as people, but sometimes I’m sadly lacking in that area! There’s always something to work on. Aria – Thank you … it is definitely a blue garden, although I am adding more colour these days.Connie – I find the same thing as you – the Heavenly Blue produce fewer flowers, but when they open, they are so stunning that it is worth having them. Sandy – I came up with the trellis idea by accident. Since I couldn’t find my hammer, my plan to nail cedar strips and make a proper trellis flew out the window. I found some perfect rope in my craft stuff – it had been there for years. I’d bought it at the dollar store and hadn’t found a good use for it.The trellis I constructed by the back seating area is simply bamboo woven together. I couldn’t believe it actually worked. It was simply me being lazy and also because the guy at Home Depot wouldn’t cut the wooden trellis to fit these areas. The whole sheet of trellis didn’t fit in the car… lucky for me the bamboo was the perfect size. I am really proud of myself for coming up with this. Crafty – It’s the same thing here – the vines aren’t all that tall, but they are blooming with great gusto … my other morning glories have been blooming for awhile now, even though the vines are nowhere near the height they reached last year.

  9. Oooh… Kate, how lovely your gardens are. That clematis is a new-to-me one, and I love its little nodding yellow bells.

  10. I love popping over here and seeing all the photos. :)I only wish I could grow things. I have a black thumb and tend to kill plants just by looking at them. I’m amazed my rose bush has survived.

  11. kate – i find that im really drawn to the blue flowers. im glad you posted the pictue of the nigella because somebody had suggested i try those seeds and seeing your photos sealed the deal. the morning glory is beautiful, too.

  12. Kate,Seeing your photograph of the Heavenly Blue morning glory makes me wish I had planted seeds this year. I have purple morning glories that self seed every year, and, while lovely, they do not approach heavenly.

  13. Blue alone is heavenly and yellow so clear and cheerful, but put them together and your garden is wonderful. It’s been so long since I grew Clematis tangutica and maybe it wouldn’t like Texas. You’ve been teaching us to paint wisteria where the winters are too cold – should I follow your lead and paint yellow clematis where the summers are too hot? You are so creative, Kate – those trellises are wonderful.Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  14. You garden is looking so lovely.I planted my morning glory with my passion flower and together they have enveloped most of the fence shared with the house behind us.It is funny the differences in our areas. My nigella, which pops up everywhere, has boomed, died, dried and I have already removed all of them.when I first looked at the picture of your clematis, I thought it was a tomato plant:)

  15. What a treat to visit your beautiful garden again, Kate. Morning Glory are a favourite of mine too. We didn’t grow them this year and I miss them so it was great to enjoy yours, this morning.

  16. Hi Kate,I think blue flowers are the rage this week! The Blue Morning Glory is wonderful. You know how to enjoy life. You made room for yourself in the sitting area where you can take in the beauty. Your garden is so extensive and beautiful.

  17. Hi Kim – the clematis is one of those incredibly hardy types. It goes wild on and over fences, up chain link fences – can cover them in a few short years. Gretchen – See your thumb isn’t entirely black. You can grow things too!! Gina – Nigella are fun to grow. Not only are the flowers pretty, but also the foliage.Shannon – I really like the purple ones too … they have more blooms on them. But the blue always wins my heart over!Annie – It’s hard to imagine the Clematis not doing well in Texas. It seems so hardy and tough … I have clematis stencils that I can send to you, so you can stencil some in your garden!Chigiy – I wish I could grow passion flowers outdoors and not have to haul the pots inside every fall. That must be so cool. I had to laugh when I read that you thought the clematis looked like a tomato vine. The flowers are much the same colour, only a lot bigger. Cottage Smallholder – There’s something really special about Morning Glories. They never fail to cheer me. Mary – I think there are many blue flowers being posted in blogs this week. I enjoy life most definitely – especially in the summertime. In my garden, I am a contented nourished soul! And then there’s the pond … you experience that too!!

  18. hi Kate, your posting is wonderful. I am so jealous of your vines. My blue blossoms keep me waiting it seems this year. These trellis are a great idea. I always have lost of bamboo sticks around to tie up plants. Your new seating area looks very comfortable and relaxing. Take care .. see you in about 2 weeks. We are taking some time off. Andrea

  19. wow, what a beautiful flower. The photo angle makes it look big. I dont know why, but I think of the sun when I look at the flower, perhaps the way it opens up.

  20. Beautiful… those blue morning glories. Are they also referred to as “fairy telephones” or am I mixing them up with something else perhaps?It goes without saying that you have such a green thumb!see you, g

  21. Hi Kate – Fantastic morning glory! That blue is breath-taking.I had Clematis tangutica growing on our rock wall and it took over. It will be great on your pretty trellis. I particularly like the fluffly seed heads that form. You’ll find it reseeds also so keep an eye out for volunteers. The plant can become kind of a thug when next to more gentle folks.The seating area looks tranquil and made for meditation. Some areas in the garden just “catch” us, don’t they. Have a wonderful paint-filled weekend.Alyssa

  22. I love blue morning glories and would have my long fence covered with it if I could, but unfortunately, the plant is considered an invasive species in Arizona and is banned from sale because the plants can choke out fields of cotton and other cash crops. Blue flowers of any kind are rare here, with the exception of the spring wildflower, Desert Bluebells.

  23. Blue is definitely your favourite colour!For the past few years we’ve had loads of dark blue morning glory – the original seedlings were given to me by my neighbours daughter – she had proudly grown them all by herself. They just self seeded and appeared every May – I then move them to where I wanted them to be. This year it has been raining from the beginning of May to the end of July and the morning glories have obviously decided that with weather like that they’re not returning this year!Celia

  24. I love your nigellas! They are really jewels. I had no idea such a pretty thing existed!

  25. I was able to start a clematis tangutica from seed this year. I wonder how many years until it blooms for me? Annuals aren’t doing so well this year. Seems the nights have been too cold. Morning glory, coleus, nigella, even nasturtiums–everything is tiny and stalled out. I love looking at your photos and thinking “Next year!”

  26. Kate, your clem looks so very delicate – what a lovely thing. And I love the blues in your garden!

  27. Hi Kate!Thank you for the well wishes and I know things are looking up!We want to grow alot of wisteria at new house but I hope it does not take forever. We are used to jasmine growing fast.XXOO

  28. Hi Kate! I was so happy to find your wonderful haiku today — it’s perfect! What a treat! I hope you’re having a great weekend. We had a houseguest for a week — she just went home today — we all had a really nice time together and Moose loves it when there are extra people in the house.:)

  29. Andrea – You should put the bamboo to good use and make some trellises. I had great fun with them. I am enjoying my new seating area a lot. My favourite thing is sitting out late at night in the dark and seeing the shadows of the trellis on the garage wall. Nabeel – This is one flower that really does make one think of the sun. It is a gorgeous colour.Gracia – Now that’s a new one for me – fairy telephones. It makes sense since the blooms do look like old-fashioned telephones!Alyssa – So true about clematis tangutica. It can be a thug, which is why I’ve learned to give it lots of room to grow. I am happy because it is filling up one area where it blocks out my neighbour. No rain – I had no idea that morning glories were invasive species in Arizona. I’d be sad not to have some morning glories growing. I would love to see the Desert Bluebells sometime! Celia – That’s one of the things that I like about morning glories – that they self-seed. With your weather this summer, it isn’t surprising that your m.g. didn’t want to grow. Next year, I hope! Smithereens – Nigellas are really jewel-like – very ethereal too…Becky – I agree – heavenly is a perfect name for these flowers. Molly – I have a hunch you will see some blooms next year. C. tangutica is an enthusiastic vine … I’m sorry to hear that your annuals aren’t doing great this year. We’ve had a good for them – more rain early on and then hot weather these past weeks. And yes – things will be better next year.Nikki – I love the blues too, although I’d happily live with some of your roses!Beth – Thank you. Yes, I made the bamboo trellis. It was pretty easy. I love making trellises because I love vines.Tammy – I am glad that things are looking up. My experience with Wisteria is that it grew fast, but took a long few years before it bloomed. Maybe it’s different in a warmer climate. Curtis – They really are a pretty colour and always make me smile. Clare – I haven’t written a haiku for ages. I enjoyed it. It must have been fun having a houseguest … with dogs, the more people to love them, the better!!

  30. Hi Kate!! I like your blog here and glad I came back for a visit. I’ll have to remember to do that more often. You’re my blog highlight of the day. Have a great Sunday…God Bless you.sandy

  31. Beautiful morning glory – I have only two seedlings of black variety left that the snails have decided not to eat after munching through a dozen others. They’re only a few inches tall so I don’t hold out much hope for them. That blue is beautiful – love the nigella too mine are very pale this year.Kim x

  32. What absolutely beautiful flowers and photos. That Heavenly Blue Morning Glory is now tempting me to try some. The clematis and nigela, too! I might have a lot of work cut out for me this fall…

  33. What a radiant looking blue morning glory. I think you’re right about the fleeting glimpse charm of the flower.

  34. I love blue flowers. There is something surreal about them. The morning glory shot is particularly beautiful.SharonSecret Leaves paperworks

  35. Reading you blog is like listening to a beautiful song. You are very lyrical in your prose. I really enjoyed this time, reading through your words. Linda B from SC

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