On a still July night

It has been years since I have grown Nicotiana. I decided to try it again because I was taken with this variety ‘Lime green’. It looks quite lovely beside Nicotiana ‘Domino red’.

Our weather has been blistering hot for the past several days and I haven’t done much in the garden besides pulling the odd weed and doing lots of watering.

One of my meadowrues succumbed to a bad case of powdery mildew – for the second year in a row – so it is being removed. Luckily, none of the neighbouring plants seem affected.

I am quite delighted with the Evolvulus ‘Blue daze’, blooming with abandon in a large pot on the front porch. This plant has such a lovely trailing habit that I am much impressed with it.

I have paired the Evolvulus with the Ipomoea x sloteri or Cardinal Climber’, and am enjoying how they balance each other.

In my front flower garden, the blue and black Salvia also looks stunning.

With all of the rain that we’ve had this spring and summer and now the hot weather, the annuals are doing well.

My morning glories are starting to grow and are quite ably covering the trellises … I am missing my trellis-building activities and am always looking around to find places where I can surreptiously add a few more.

35 thoughts on “On a still July night

  1. Hi Kate – Aren’t nicotianas great. I like the shape of the flowers and some are wonderfully fragrant. All the photos are so pretty but my favorite is the black stemmed salvia. Next year I’m going to give them a try. Do the insects like them?Alyssa

  2. Beautiful – I love all the blues you use in your gardens and containers. That blue and black salvia is very cool. I didn’t plant any nicotianas this year – and I miss the fragrance.

  3. I don’t know anything about flowers so I just look at the pictures. And they are great – very colourful!

  4. I love that dark salvia with black stems and bracts – gonna track that one down!Celia

  5. Your blog is sooo pretty! My Campanula is in full-bloom at the moment, aren’t they pretty? My butterfly bush is also doing well, albeit ‘sticky’ looking in parts!

  6. Evolvulus is new to me. I love that shade of blue. It has a trailing habit? Something like a sweet potato vine?And I’m soooo impressed with your garage wall! I wish the walls inside my house looked that good. I’m eager to see the stenciling.

  7. Beautiful pics and gorgeous colors. Your garden is certainly coming to summer bloom! I bought some nicotiana from Renee’s seeds and will try growing nicotiana for the first time.

  8. Once again you dazzle with flowers I have never seen. The colors and shapes fill the eye. How I wish I could smell their perfume.

  9. Hi Alyssa, so far the Salvia have not had any bugs chomping on them… I just wish that I lived in a warmer place where I could grow them year round. Kris – I realise now that I’m going to plant Nicotiana every year … they are easy and bloom non-stop too. I think I have a thing for blue!Ingrid – you know lots about other things, like film and trains and pirates!! I’m glad you liked the pics.Celia – the blue-black combination is great. After the flowers die off, the black bracts are left and look great. There aren’t many black plants around so they look unusual.Misslionheart – thank you. I love campanulas of all shapes and sizes. There are a few in bloom in my garden too…I wish I had a butterfly bush!Entangled – the Blue Daze is more shrub-like with small felt-like, grey/green leaves. The blooms are numerous but don’t last – just like morning glories. I’m going to try and over-winter it indoors.Nicole – I think you’ll like them … they are easy to grow and bloom for a long spell. We are really at the height of summer now. Pam – I think you’d love sitting in the garden … the sound of water, the wonderful scents especially in the evenings. This is such an amazing time of year.

  10. How funny that you should mention nicotianas! I used to be able to get nicotiana alata seeds that would bloom and scent the entire back yard. When I tried to get some last year, no one had any – until a certain seed swap brought some! My nicotiana were started late and are merely 6″ tall and full of leaves. Your blooms all look fabulous.

  11. Beautiful photos and colors, Kate. And it’s hot here too…going to be 100 today I think. Ick! Better go water my tomatoes now. They need me.:)

  12. Hi Thank you for visiting my blog. Love all the flower pictures. Will pop back again Tricia

  13. I have the same nicotinia and it is a plant I haven’t grown for a long time. I picked it because of the lovely colour.

  14. Ah, Kate isn’t Evolvolus AWESOME? I bought three containers of it this spring and am growing it indoors as well as out. Gotta watch that it doesn’t dry out because it wilts really quickly. I have no nicotiana here this year. So I’ll enjoy yours instead. 🙂

  15. Your garden looks great. I have never tried Nicotiana. I guess I’ll have to give it a try next year. I love blue daze as well, I have finally been able to get one this year.

  16. Each of these flowers has a very distinct colour, each beautiful in its own way. I’m turning a shade of green at the thought of the hot weather you are having …I do hope we get some sunshine this sumer…

  17. You do dazzle, Kate. I have never seen the black-stemmed salvia. The striking blue is wonderful. Enjoy the heat of July. Your earth must be saturated and ready for some rapid growing!

  18. Hi Nikki – It’s strange you wouldn’t have found Nicotiana seeds. The scent is the best.Linda – I think we have the same weather system going. My tomatoes are taking off in this heat. Tricia – Thanks for visiting …Crafty gardener – The lime green nic. is so cool. I am definitely planting more of it next year.Pam – I’ve added some new colours to the garden, which I’m quite liking!Jodi – The blue daze is amazing. I’ve kept it watered (well, we’ve had enough rain to keep everything watered!) I have to be careful in the next while though … it is blistering hot here.Curtis – I am definitely going to put more Nicotiana in next year. They are so easy to grow. Kylee – I can’t seem to stay away from the blues. Wildlifegardener- I hope that you get some sun soon. We’re in for a long spell of hot, dry weather … if the forecasts are to be believed.Mary – The blue-black Salvia is wonderful. I love the black of it.

  19. Its definitely been too long since I grew Nicotiana… even had it reseed a couple of times at the last Texas house then it just bailed on me – yours looks so good and so cool, Kate. How wonderful that you’re growing both Evolvolus and ‘Black & Blue’! I like it that we have some plants in common!Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  20. Kate: I have that green nicotiana also and it looks great with everything! Love the others also.

  21. What fun to read and see that we both grow Morning Glory, eventhough we’re thousands of mlies apart.I always have Nicotianas in the garden because of their lovely scent.Love that pretty blue Evolvulus of yours!!!

  22. What an unusual color, that lime-yellow nicotiana. I like it! But even more so, I love the color of the scabiosa in the previous post, what a lovely delicate blue. I’ve always had trouble sprouting seeds of scabiosa, no idea why.

  23. I was quite taken by Nicotinia lime green as well. It harmonizes well with the pale scottish moss that I have growing. Next year I plan on planting some tall, perfumed ones at the back of the bed (somewhere…)

  24. You know I think I will grow some Nicotania next year.. I don’t see alot where I live now, but had great luck with them, when I live in teh Pacific NW of the US. I had white ones and loved them. Thanks for the reminder..

  25. Your garden must look so lovely and in the evening it must smell wonderful too. I wouldn’t mind exchanging a bit of your blistering sunshine for some of our endless rain – once again it’s pouring down here. The phlox and astilbes are loving it anyway even if I’m not:)

  26. What a great selection of plants and colors. You have given me three new things to try next season. I am keeping a list of plants I like and where I have seen them so I can go back and look at the photos again.How is the wall coming??

  27. We fertilized our lawn before our vacation only to find huge brown burnt patches on our return. Our house is FOR SALE…grrr. lolI took garden pics for you but the memory card was in thee other camera. :(Beautiful flowers!

  28. Hi Kate! I’m back from the midwest. And it’s always so fun to come back and read your blog and see all the cool photos. I visited a beautiful flower/plant/tree conservatory last week and thought of you — there were so many incredible and absolutely beautiful things there. Your photo of the black and blue Salvia is amazing — it’s so dramatic! All your flowers look gorgeous. It’s too bad about the powdery mildew, but it’s lucky that it didn’t spread to the other plants. It’s strange that it came back after last year. I hope you are having a great weekend. It’s hot here, too!:)

  29. hi Kate, I love nicotinia and buy them every year. They last a long time. Your salvia is beautiful – I have never seen blue/black one. Mine was eaten by the slugs again. They’re a real nuisance this year. Have a nice Sunday, Andrea

  30. I like your blue and black salvia. Salvias do really well here. How do they do in your climate?

  31. Annie – I think it’s cool that we have plants in common, though they are perennials for you and annuals for me. sigh …I had stopped growing Nicotiana a few years’ ago when I had a bad infestation of aphids. So far things are looking good this year. Layanee – the lime Nicotiana looks good with so many other colours in the garden. I’m quite taken with it.Yolanda Elizabet – There’s something about Nicotiana’s fragrance that is special. I will have some every year, I’m vowing.Salix Tree – It’s strange you are having trouble starting Scabiosa. I’ve found them to be easy, but then maybe it’s a climate thing. Ottawa Gardener – I love those big tall Nicotiana. I grew them from seed several years running. They look so cool as long as they don’t get attacked by aphids!Dirty Fingernails – Nicotianas are worthwhile growing for their constant blooming and their fragrance in evenings. Rowan – The garden smells magical at night … when I can’t sleep, I often go sit out in the silence and enjoy the scents. I especially like evening-scented stock.I hope that you’ll start seeing some sunshine soon. cg – I love the blues too … Sandy – It’s a good idea to keep lists of plants to try. I should do the same thing because I usually forget from one summer to the next spring. And the wall is coming along – even though I have misplaced some of my big stencil brushes. I was sure they were on my storage shelves, but I can’t find them. I ended up cleaning out the storage room instead. Last night and today, I am working on some foxgloves … it’s great fun although rather hot work with the sizzling temperatures we are having these days.Tammy – Yikes! Sorry to hear about the grass. I hope it recovers. Also sorry about the pics. Don’t forget next time, please!!! Clare – I’m glad you are back. I love going to visit plant conservatories. I wish there was one nearby. I think the Delphinium with the powdery mildew needs to go, although I’m always reluctant. It is a deep shade of blue with black centres. I love it … hopefully some of the nearby seedlings are of the same colours.Andrea – It’s too bad about the slugs … this summer, we are seeing more slug damage because of all the moisture we had earlier in the summer. Usually they aren’t very bothersome here … one of the few advantages to gardening in a harsher climate. Chigiy – Salvia do great here … blue and black is grown as an annual here – though there are other more hardy varieties of Salvia that are as hardy as can be.

  32. Nicotiana. I first read of this flower, in books by Gladys Taber. Wondering if I have it right, and it releases its fragrance at night?And I have never seen blue and black Salvia! Always red, red, red. How interesting to find a new kind.Beautiful flowers alllllll.Mari-Nanci

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