Lytton’s got a new friend

My big brown lab, Lytton, made a new friend yesterday. I was quite surprised to discover that L. didn’t take chase to the squirrel as my previous dog would have done. Lytton slowly went over and sniffed and then plopped down. The squirrel walked right around him, very gingerly, but not in the least afraid.

This morning, the squirrel again appeared and I ran to get my camera. I’ve decided the squirrel enjoys the attention of humans and dogs. I had a pang of longing and wishing that Hazel, my former white cat, was still around.

Hazel would not have approved of our new visitor. (Squirrels here are quite rare, so I can look at them with some degree of affection – when I lived in Ottawa, I really got tired of the damage they inflicted on the garden.)

28 thoughts on “Lytton’s got a new friend

  1. That sassy squirrel is teasing Lytton! So Kate…I had to tell you that James and I are dog sitting for four days…a chocolate Lab named Emmett. He is a cutie! I’ll post a picture of him on my blog soon. I think he and Lytton would be buddies.:)

  2. There’s a squirrel that inhabits my parent’s neighborhood that kids have affectionately named Bob. Bob the squirrel has been around for years and is easy to spot because it lacks one thing that most squirrels have: a tail.It appears that your squirrel is also missing a tail, or it’s pretty good at hiding it behind the fence.

  3. Squirrels weren’t established in the neighborhood where I grew up, but the enchanting descriptions in children’s books made me long to see their antics… somewhere across the decades my opinion of them sank into ‘tree rats’. In your yard, and on your fence, Kate, the squirrel looks really cute! Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. Hi Kate – love that picture of the squirrel. He looks so cute – I guess that’s what Lytton was thinking, too. Squirrels around here abound, and they are wary of me when I’ve got my camera in hand. 🙂 BTW – I have tagged you for the Eight Random Facts meme – but only if you want to do it.

  5. We have a few squirrels that brave the guard cats here. I think the squirrels would make short work of any of the cats, though.You’ve got your own little Peaceable Kingdom there. 🙂

  6. Kate: Strange companions! Who would think that Lytton would not chase the squirrel. My grandfather had a pet squirrel, well, pet in the sense that the squirrel would eat out of his hand but he lived in the woods. I guess some are a bit friendlier than others…just like people!

  7. I have ran across a few squirrel that weren’t afraid of humans in the least. Looks like that squirrel was checking everything out.

  8. That’s incredible! I’ve never heard of squirrels not retreating nor have I heard of dogs watching them forage around without a care! Lytton must exude a kind and gentle heart. My goodness. What a nice story :o)Even though squirrels are very bold, nature is so great, isn’t it?

  9. Hi Kate, Even though we have lots of squirrels, I still like to watch them. They are quite smart and so agile. It’s always amazing how they can figure out a way to solve a problem. We have a lovely white squirrel who visits every few days. What a treat!

  10. Hi Kate! Moose would definitely approve of Lytton’s new friend — but he would still want to chase it! What a sweet photo. Oh, Kate, I just tagged you — read my July 6 post and it will tell you what to do!:)

  11. Squirrels can be very friendly. My father has a bird feeder outside of his window. He gave up chasing them away from the bird seed and now puts out food just for them. The squirrels actually knock on the glass when he is low on food.

  12. That’s so cute!My chocolate lab(Bruno) has no admiration for squirrels, in fact he spent most of his growing up years chasing them(we have a lot of them in my neighbourhood). Thankfully, now, he seems to have given up, realising the futility of whole exercise.

  13. Kate, that’s hilarious — I’m amazed the squirrel isn’t bothered at all by Lytton! As long as it doesn’t bother your tomatoes, I suppose it should remain a welcome visitor. 🙂

  14. Gosh! there is a place on earth where grey ‘American’ squirrels are rare! I can’t believe it.

  15. I like squirrels too. There are a lot of them in the parks in London, and they certainly are quite. What fun that your dog likes them too!

  16. Lytton must be a real sweetheart, there are no squirrels allowed in this yard of course they walk the fence and chatter at my dogs :).

  17. That squirrel is very cute in your yard. I don’t mind them in my garden but they eat all the seeds I have set out for the birds.

  18. That’s amazing, Kate! My Coco keeps chasing the squirrels here–they have no idea that she just wants to sniff their butts like she did to a baby bird we found on the sidewalk this spring, because she only communicates in dog. (The neighbor’s cat lets her get close, but doesn’t understand the signal of a wagging tail… I keep telling her that none of these creatues understand her language.) Lytton is obviously an intelligent, multi-lingual kind of pooch. *grin*

  19. Très beau blog, la nature est vraiment belle dans tous les pays. Bonne continuation.Amicalement

  20. Lytton is just smarter than most! One of my dogs will always chase the squirrels along the fence and he has zero chance of getting them…or even near them (by the time he makes it to the fence). Fortunately for me, my cats keep them pretty well in check…as, while I can appreciate their antics from afar, I don’t like them in the garden! Sounds like you have a better relationship there, though…cute picture!Btw, I had to laugh when my daughter told me the mascot for her sorority is a squirrel! A squirrel!

  21. Hi Kate,nice to be back with such a warm welcome!I´m doing quite well with my job now although today I really had a bad motivated day – but I guess it´s because it is Monday!I love squirrels, I remember when I was a child we had so many of them but now they are very rare here too! What a pitty!See you very soon and nice greetings to Canada, yours Verena

  22. Hi Kate –I have some squirrels who have been causing trouble with one of my plants, so I’m not a big fan at the moment!P.S. I’ve tagged you for the “Seven Random Things About Me” meme. I hope you don’t mind!Beth at Morning Glories

  23. Kate I love the blue fence!I notice it in many of your posted photos!The squirrels visiting my garden at least a dozen brown and black ones don’t damage anything in my garden perhaps it’s because I throw peanuts out to them. The worst is all the shells laying around but when we mowe the lawn the shells get sucked up.I also had a pure white cat that passed on and I miss Casper many times as I walk the garden..he was such a beautiful white addition and also ~glowed~ at dusk while checking out the garden.Paisley doesn’t seem to mind the squirrels scurrying past her as does you L. hugs NG

  24. I’ve never seen a squirrel in my yard here in Indiana, probably because there are no large mature trees and none with acorns, seeds or nuts in this neighborhood. We had plenty of them in Alabama though and while they were cute to watch I hated it when they got on the bird feeders.

  25. Hi Kate,You know the squirrel that would visit my yard doesn’t come around anymore after I started having a stray cat visiting the garden. And I don’t miss it at all because he would bite my succulents. Not eat them or anything he would just leave bite marks on everything.Funny I should see your entry because yesterday I was watching this reality show here called American Inventor and one hopeful “invented” a playground for squirrels that people could set up in their gardens. I couldn’t believe someone would encourage squirrels in the garden.:0)

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