While I’ve been out a-trellising

… the garden has been growing wildly and with little input on my part. Suddenly the electric blue Delphiniums are popping out everywhere and my favourite Alliums have burst into bloom.

And the bees are working overtime at the moment – I love the sound of their buzzing from one bloom to the next. Here I managed to photograph one just a few minutes’ ago on Knautia macedonica. The leaves and flowers resemble a Scabiosa columbaria, although the maroon colour is quite different.

Back I go to paint my back mural wall. It feels like Sunday today, since yesterday was Canada Day so today is the ‘real’ holiday.

20 thoughts on “While I’ve been out a-trellising

  1. Hi Kate – Doesn’t it seem that if you don’t check out the garden for one day, things have progressed a week!The painting must be going along well since you are so engrossed.I like the color scheme of your garden – it matches your pots. Or should I say the pots match your garden. Very pretty and restful.Enjoy your fine weather.Alyssa

  2. I like the picture of the bee, and the blue pot on the blue, ehrm what’s it called, mini chair (probably not)? Look forward to see your blue stenciled wall. Blue is my favourite colour.

  3. I like your color scheme, too. That pot and stool add so much to the scene. Can’t wait until the wall is done.

  4. Wow…your delphinium and knautia are probably a week or two ahead of mine, Kate. We seem to share the same colour sense, especially when it comes to periwinkle/electric blue. Isn’t it marvelous in the garden? Or elsewhere, too. I’m actually working today because I was feeling a bit weenie and not at all like working in the garden. Which means my achy body just wanted a timeout, I’m sure. Enjoy the rest of this langourous long weekend…

  5. Hi Kate! Happy belated Canada Day! I like the little bee on the Knautia Macedonica. I’m looking forward to seeing your mural — any sneak peaks? Oh, I almost forgot to tell you — my avocado see sprouted an adorable little stem and leaves! Guacamole here I come!

  6. love the bee. you have such nice colours in the garden, and I have similar carnations to your raggedy one, in purple and pink.

  7. I know how you feel Kate. After I came back from my holiday I could hardly believe my eyes as everything had grown so quickly in my garden in such a short time. All that rain we’ve been having lately must have helped. ;-)You’ve done a lot of work in your garden and stencilling flowers on your garage wall sounds lovely. So keep up the good work but don’t overdo it. Take time to sit back and enjoy it all.Very pretty that Knautia of yours, I have one too in another colour.

  8. Your garden looks lovely. I’m glad to see your jade plant soaking up some summer sun. We do the same and the leaves obtain a reddish tinge especially around the edges which turns back to dark green when back indoors. Being in the sun seems to boost the growth in the fall.

  9. What a glorious place, your garden. I hope we get to see your painting when you are done!!!

  10. Cute bee, Kate :o) Your garden must keep you constantly occupied. I noticed you have a Jade plant outside. Does it do well? I’ve always kept them indoors.

  11. Bees buzzing among the flowers are one of the really summery sounds – I love to hear them too. The dianthus superbus is one I haven’t come across, it looks lovely, very delicate and airy. I like the Japanese name for it too. Your garage is going to look great when it’s finished – I envy you being both practical and artistic. I trust there will be photos eventually:)

  12. Delphiniums! Lucky you! I just love the art you bring to your garden. Can’t wait to see the results!Just got an email from the instructor of the art lessons I took in spring…a follow-on class has been approved for fall! Yippee! Maybe if I moved my sad Jade plant outside it would help…Magnets up for you…Thank you so much for your words…more later.Belated Happy Canada Day!

  13. I have that Knautia in my garden as well, and it is one of my favorite perennials. This year I started some Knautia from seed called ‘Watercolors’ so am looking forward to seeing the flower colors on those.

  14. I’m very curious about your mural. How about a hint? Maybe you’ve written about it before, but if you did, I missed it. Your garden looks beautiful, I love all the blues.

  15. I’ve never seen a scabiosa that colour. It’s intriguing! Don’t you love the crazy way plants grow at this time of year (too bad the weeds grow just as fast).

  16. Great bee picture, Kate! I have that same Knautia, and it’s just starting to bloom. I didn’t think it was going to make it through the winter, but it’s slowly coming back now.I love the blue in your garden!

  17. The colors in your garden are absolutely gorgeous. I so wish I could have a garden, but right now that just isn’t possible. Some day…

  18. What a lovely garden photo! The fence, pot and stand, rocks, etc. Not to mention all the plants & flowers. What is the “mini tree” in the planter? I just added a white delphinium plant to my garden and it’s beautiful!

  19. oh Kate your garden looks great, Delphiniums(?) are one of my favorites and every time I try to grow them the slugs eat them all up!

  20. Your delphiniums look great. Mine are just starting to open here. They seem to be quite a bit behind yours. I hope you’re enjoying the summer heat!

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