Painting Chairs

This weekend, when it wasn’t raining, I sat on my front porch and gave a fresh coat of paint to two wicker chairs. I also did some touch-up painting on the pots. These pictures were taken last summer. Somehow I don’t think the Cathedral Bell vines are going to grow quite so wildly this summer. I guess I should have moved the vine, but I loved the way it overtook the chairs, causing people to perch gingerly on the chair’s edge.

This year, the Cathedral Bell vines are in different pots so I’m curious to see how they grow. At the moment, they are behaving themselves and growing dutifully around bamboo sticks. But I am predicting that, as soon as my back is turned, they will escape their confines and search for new places to roam.

I love these vines which are incredibly easy to grow from seed – big seeds! And usually all the seeds in the package germinate. So keep your fingers crossed for some sunshine this coming week and some blissfully happy vines!

20 thoughts on “Painting Chairs

  1. OH! Blue chairs, my favorite color. What are the flowers like on the vine? The pot looks great beside the chair.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I was just about to go to bed, it’s coming up to midnight here in Ireland. I love your wicker chairs. We had one years ago, there’s a name for them……can’t think, it’s so late!Have a great week

  3. Kate – what a lovely tableau! It looks like some very moody, overgrown, deep South, mysterious, front porch on a plantation mansion.And no one knows what goes on behind the tightly closed shutters!!That is an excellent idea letting the vines ramble where they may. Such a welcoming and relaxed feeling. Please post a picture of the repainted chairs – I’d love to see them. Nothing like summer wicker.Glad you are feeling happier.

  4. Very pretty those chairs and pots, what a lovely colour you’ve painted them. I like to paint my wicker furniture too as you’ve seen. ;-)Hopefully you will have less rain in the coming weeks so you can enjoy the outdoors more.At some point, when I’m looking the other way for a second or so, my garden takes over and turns into a jungle. This happens every year. πŸ™‚

  5. Love the chair and pot together and that you let the vine grow where it will.Wishing you well.

  6. Nice chairs, Miss Kate. And thanks for those beautiful poems in your last post…really lovely. Kissies to Lytton!:)

  7. They are very “comfy”, Kate. You are so artistic with your garden and plants… However, I wish for clouds and rain. But I wish SUN FOR YOU! Sunshine for Kate!

  8. Hi Kate — I’m back! I missed you and your garden. The picture of the vines growing on the chair cracked me up. I also really like wicker — I like its smell — I’m remembering the one we had when I was a kid. πŸ™‚

  9. Hi, neighbor! (Saskatchewan and Alberta are, after all, next door to each other) thanks for the visit. Yours is a lovely site, i can see it will be a refreshing place to visit, vicariously perched on the edge of the chair inhabited by the luscious vine.

  10. Beautiful colour chairs Kate! those vines look wonderful, glad to hear they’re easy to germinate too!Kimx

  11. I’ve not tried to grow these. I’ll put them on my list of new things to try next year.I love your chair and pot together!

  12. I love the chair with the vines. Last year my wisteria strangled on of my pink flamingos. Are these vines annuals?Post a picture of the newly painted chairs. I would love to see it.

  13. Hi Kate – thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours!! I just bought some wicker at a garage sale this morning – so I’ll be painting too. I love that you let the cathedral bell vines grow through the chairs like that. I just quickly scanned your blog – your flowers are beautiful and Lytton is a cutie!

  14. Beautiful wicker chair with the vine growing through it, Kate. Very artistic. I can’t wait to see the colour of the flowers.If you’d like to see two short videos of our wildlife garden at Barleycorn in my recent posts, or which flowers are in bloom in the garden, or bearded irises from the Chelsea Flower Show, come on over for a visit:)I added your link to mine last week, so others can come and see your lovely blog.

  15. I’ve got two cathedral bell vines in two different locations, and I don’t know what the heck is going on, but it’s not much, that’s all I can say!I’ve grown them before and was worried that they might take over as they had in the past, but they’re just sitting there.We’ll see….

  16. Hi Kate! I just wanted to see how your weekend is going and to say hi. Our gladiolas are coming up in glorious apricot and white colors, and I thought of you as I walked around the garden today.:)

  17. Hi Kate, had to stop by and see if you are doing better. You’ve been keeping busy. I love that arrangement with your wicker chairs. Have a wonderful week, Andrea

  18. That’s very charming, Kate! Unless someone really wants to sit down, of course! Love your wicker, you remind me that I should paint mine one of these days.

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