Letting go

echo in the memory,
Down the passage which we did not take,
Towards the door we never opened,
Into the rose-garden.
~ T.S. Eliot ~

Keep love in your heart.
A life without it is like a sunless garden
when the flowers are dead.
The consciousness of loving and being loved
brings a warmth and richness to life
that nothing else can bring.
~ Oscar Wilde ~

These are pictures of pressed poppy petals from my garden. I love the variation in colour depending on the drying times. The little silver dots that adorn each petal continue to look vibrant even when dried.

I am so fortunate to have had beautiful gardens that have been my refuge and my place of nurturing, healing, grieving, laughing, singing and doing the odd dance. Although my heart is sad this night, there is a certain peace in knowing that I will always keep love in my heart and am proud of myself for having taken risks and for having the courage to acknowledge and to express my feelings. Music, as always, has a resonance for me as does playing with my flowers.

I have been listening to Norah Jones latest CD … this is one song that gives me strength.

Yesterday I saw the sun shinin’
And the leaves were fallin’ down softly
My cold hands needed a warm, warm touch
And I was thinkin’ about you

Here I am lookin’ for signs of leaving
You hold my hand, but do you really need me?
I guess it’s time for me to let you go
And I’ll be thinkin’ about you

When you sail across the ocean waters
And you reach the other side safely
Could you smile a little smile for me?
‘Cause I’ll be thinkin’ about you

12 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. Oh Kate, I’m sorry about your loss. I hope your garden comforts you!

  2. Sorry to read this, Kate. my thoughts are with you.Dive into your garden. It heals the sould.We just got the Norah Jones CD ourselves; I am big fan of hers. I added you to my favorite links and I hope that’s ok. Andrea

  3. Hi Kate, I feel bad that you are feeling down. No one is worth the sadness you are feeling and instead of sadness you should feel a little pissed off! Pissed off that you were hurt and did not deserve it.And please don’t think of what might have been – I’ve found that is a dead end and can only cause unrest in your heart. Yes keep love in your heart, but not for someone who has hurt you – they do not deserve your love. I hope I’ve not overstepped the boundries but I get angry thinking of you sad and alone. Life is just too short to waste even a few precious minutes feeling sad. There are many wonderful people out there who could fill your heart with love. Never forget that. Again, I hope I’ve not offended you – I only wish you happiness.

  4. I wish you lots of love, Kate, and many happy hours in your garden, which is the perfect place to be to lift the spirits and feed the soul.I love all the new changes you have made:)

  5. Dear Kate,I’m glad that your sadness is brought to happiness and contentment through your garden and song. I view nature the same – it’s healing when I’m feeling miserable.I hope today is brighter for you :o)

  6. I’m sorry you’ve had this loss, sorry you are feeling sad. Glad you have the refuge of your garden.

  7. Lavender and love to you, my dear friend, in this time of struggle. This is one of those days when I really wish we lived much closer, and that we could do tea and sympathy. But as you say, gardens are healing in so many ways. Big hugs and warm thoughts to you.(((((((((Kate))))))))

  8. Dear Kate, the garden is a great place for healing as you know. I’m glad you have your lovely garden to help you through a difficult period in your life. Remember that after rain there will be sunshine. ;-)Music=emotion, that’s why it resonates with so many.Take care! Big hugs from the Bliss team and me!

  9. Hi Kate, it’s incredible how much music and nature/gardens/flowers can nurture us and heal us too. Sometimes just one line or one look at a single exquisite flower can be like the most comforting hug or smile or strength for the spirit. I love how you wrote “there is a certain peace in knowing that I will always keep love in my heart and am proud of myself for having taken risks and for having the courage to acknowledge and to express my feelings.” You teach and inspire me Kate. Big hugs. And I love your photos of the pressed poppy petals.

  10. Hi Kate, these are beautiful petals, beautifully photographed.I like Dido’s latest album and listen to it daily or more, Life for Rent. There is a beautiful song on it about a friend waking another friend up from a period of grief.It starts, I’m coming round to open the blinds…

  11. Kate, I’m sorry you’re feeling sad and hopefully you’ll be back to yourself soon, when you’ve allowed yourself to go through this grieving process.Hugs to you…

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