Made-by-hand trellises

My vines look very much at home on their new trellises and I am pleased that I no longer have to wonder if or when the vines will come tumbling down. The Bittersweet vines are pictured at right, while the Virginia Creeper can be seen below.

The trellises are sturdy and have a funky appearance to them. My garden is gradually coming together now that the pond, the paths and the trellises are finished.

The good thing is that I can turn my attention to tending the plants and to picking off the innumerable armies of tent caterpillars and cutworms that are inhabiting this city. Tonight as I was walking down the path, a caterpillar suddenly dangled in front of me … that was a bit disconcerting. Soon they will be gone, I keep telling myself.

Hopefully the rain has stopped so I can get back outside!

23 thoughts on “Made-by-hand trellises

  1. I love the natural appearance your trellis work has. Great idea to use the rope. They have a very appealing, rustic look to them.You have been really putting in the time on your garden and it is fun to read about your exploits ;)tcS

  2. I love that trellis! Very organic looking and functional, too! Also love the pond! I think you should still have a pond party!

  3. your trellis looks fabulous, well done! and I love the pond, I would really like one.

  4. I like that trellis. I have T posts and twine that I was going to use to grow my beans on. But I like the stakes and it looks like it can be dismantled too. My Veggie beds are 4×4.

  5. Great job Kate! What a good idea. It looks very nice now and will be beautiful when the vine take off.It will add a lot of character to your garden.Now the fun will start since you’re done with the hard parts…

  6. I love your trellises, Kate! And what a lush, green garden you have! That’s the difference between getting rain and not getting rain. We need it so bad!

  7. Kate, I love the trellis! I’m so impressed…I wouldn’t even know where to begin to assemble one of those. Looks like the plants are growing right up it, too — very exciting!

  8. Your trellis looks really good – as for tending te plants – yes, great, but picking off caterpillars and cutworms – well, I’ll just leave you to it I think:)

  9. kate, you will have wonderful walls of vine!!!Then so many berries in late summer and fall although the ripe Virginia creeper berries get eaten fast around here.Fall foliage should add a real wow factor.Your garden efforts have many layers. The pay off will be spectacular…

  10. Hi Kate! I’m oohing and aaahing over your trellis and vines. Beautiful! Your yard looks so lovely! Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving such a nice comment. It’s always great to meet a fellow Canadian blogger! 🙂

  11. Excellent idea to make the trellis yourself, it’s looking great and the plants seem to like it too! Glad you didn’t fall into your neighbours garden. 😉

  12. Kate – thanks for stopping by to read my blog. Looks like you’ve only been at this blogging since the beginning of this year. I certainly enjoyed reading your posts. I’m sure glad you’re finally enjoying the longer days and warmer weather, and getting the opportunity to spend more time in your garden, which is quite evident that you enjoy very much. Here’s to sharing our blogs with each other.

  13. The trellis looks wonderful, very much part of the garden. Hope those caterpillars will be gone soon, my aunt got a very nasty rash from caterpillars and was ill for weeks – beware!! On that note, have a good weekend!Kim x

  14. I haven’t visited for a while Kate – what a surprise as your beautiful garden goes green and flowers. i love the Trellis – It looks like a sculptural installation. How pleasant it must be to wander through all that nuturing and tending and just enjoy. Spare a thought for those downunder who are sodden and cold at present. What a treat to see some summer hues.Meganxx

  15. great trellis, come and do my garden….please!We have rain too so you will feel at home!

  16. I like your trellis It looks very natual with the vines. Did you make it? I’m guessing you did.You garden is quite lovely.

  17. Love the blog! I’m a keen gardener, but my hay fever kicked in today while I was cutting the grass 😦 I’ll be back…

  18. oh i remember growing up in the northeast we had tons of caterpillars. they really are creepy, heres to hoping they don’t gobble your lovely garden.

  19. Yah, caterpillars… What do I think of thee… I love thee past cocoon with wings in flight, but not laying eggs on a moonless night. I love thee as surprise on the untended weedling. But not at the base of my much tended seedling. Anyhoo…

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