‘Tis finished

What a relief it is to have the pond finished. Yesterday I enlisted the help of my son and we completed work on the pond. Some smaller rocks need to be positioned behind the large rocks lining the pond (see pic at left). But that should be it!

The fountain is functioning and the plants are finally back in the water. A picture of the small new path to the pond is at right.

I am having the best time today – since my muscles are protesting a bit, I decided to work on my trellis. I have two American Bittersweet vines that overtook their current trellis so something had to be done.

Off to the garage I went where I discovered a bundle of 3-metre-high sticks about 10 mm. in diameter. Amazingly, they fit snugly in the openings between my fence boards. I had a small dilemma though. I couldn’t really leave the sticks as they were without adding something to tie each stick to the other.

Since my hammer seems to have disappeared, I knew I had to do something that wouldn’t require any nails. hmmm … down to my craft materials and there was my answer. Many years ago, I bought rolls of this cool rope at the dollar store. At the time, I intended to use it to cover old clay pots. That has never happened so it occurred to me that I could wind it around the wood sticks and secure it at each end with fine wire.

Things were rolling along fine until I realised I wasn’t quite tall enough to reach winding the rope around the sticks. Off I went to get my wobbly ladder. Keeping my fingers crossed, I managed to finish making the trellis without tipping over into my new neighbour’s yard.

I am so delighted with the look of my new trellis, that I am going to make another one for the Virginia Creeper that definitely needs some new places to creep. (will post pics later!)

Before I get back to trellis making, I thought I’d share a picture of my newly-enlarged path (at left) and also a rose which looked quite lovely and smelled sublime this morning.

p.s. if you look closely at the pond pic, you will see one of the fishies. Owing to the lateness of the pond completion, we decided to forego having a pond-opening party and instead my son did the fish honours.

11 thoughts on “‘Tis finished

  1. Everything looks beautiful, Kate…and your rose is so lovely!Thanks so much for telling me about Lytton and your Vet. That was so sweet of you to think of me and Abby Louise. I sure hope Lytton’s little head is on the mend. Give him kissies for me. xoxo

  2. Bravo, Kate! I’m so jealous! It looks like a LOT of work, putting that together and it looks nice in your picture.Can’t wait to see your trellises!

  3. I just love those river stones on the little path to the pond. I know what a relief it is to get the fish and plants back into the pond and then just sit back and enjoy.I’m very curious to see the trellis – I’m having trouble visualizing it..So good to see you are able to be out and about and doing such neat things.Beautiful rose.

  4. Hello Kate, thanks for stopping by again. I keep looking at your articles as well every chance I get. Your pond turned out very nice and amazingly you have done it yourself. How did you manage the electrical wiring and all for the fountain? I discovered your fish. 🙂 A pond is on my wish list for the future and I imagine on my cat Stella’s, too. 🙂 Take care and greetings to Canada! Andrea

  5. I saw a fishie in there! Aren’t you relieved now? Your pond looks sweet and the stone walkway completes it.Your trellis story makes me laugh. Isn’t it amazing what we can do when we have the passion? With or without the proper tools, the job always gets done when you are in love with it.

  6. What an enterprising lady you are with your new trellis! Lovely to have a fountain in the gatden, the sound of running water is so relaxing. And the rose is beautiful – all roses are really, no wonder they are the stuff of legend.

  7. That’s one happy fish! The pond looks great, worth the hard work! Never too late to open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate its completion!

  8. Hurrah for the pond and the fishes! It looks good Kate! Your path is looking good too. I can see you have done a lot of work in the garden, so I hope you take time out to enjoy it too!

  9. You just answered my question from your other post. Yes you did make the trellis–Duh. Maybe I shouldn’t read backwards any more.Your pond is so nice and tranquil. I’m jealous. My pond has been sitting for two years unfinished and filled with weeds.Enjoy.

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