One way to cool off …

Finally – some hot weather has descended and I am back wearing my favourite short overalls. This afternoon, I was working away on the path, pleased at my progress. Lytton, my big, brown lab, spent much of the day sleeping on the porch in the shade.

At one point, I turned toward the house and happened to spot Lytton reclining in the empty pond. It isn’t possible to see from this picture, but he is lying in a spot where the pond bottom dips down about 8 inches. Smart guy … L. discovered a perfect place to cool off. That wasn’t quite the use I had contemplated for the pond!

18 thoughts on “One way to cool off …

  1. Carmelita – What an adorable pic of that gigantic puppy – Lornypop was thrilled to see him – we both think the picture makes him look quite dainty and petite but we know how big he really is – Lornypop just asked “can you get her to show me more pictures of Lytton??? He’s such a cutie pie pup” – It is roasting hot here too and we are awaiting an evening t-boomer – glad to hear it’s once again short’alls weather for you!!! XO Pippi L

  2. Lytton is looking majestic in the pond.Such a brilliant photo, I wish we had your hot weather here in not so sunny San Diego, ah but wait for the winter!!tcS

  3. Oh Kate, Lytton is such a sweetie and he’s smart too. What a cute picture of him and I love the neck kerchief that he has on. (Our pugs are so small we have to find really little scarves for them and then they won’t keep them on!) Have a good weekend, Alyssa

  4. Hi Kate! I think this is my first time meeting your very handsome dog Lytton — what a cutie. The scarf is very smart and he looks quite pleased with himself. My last dog spent the hot weather lying on the shower floor in the guest room to stay cool. I like Lytton’s spot — he has claimed the pond!

  5. What a clever boy!We laughed at our cat today because she found the only sunny spot to stretch out in and warm up – opposite seasons!

  6. I love your doggie. He’s so cute. I love brown labs. I spent ten minutes petting a chocolate lab I didn’t even know in the back of this pick-up the other day. he was so sweet.

  7. Kate, my neighbor had a bloodhound with his own kiddy swimming pool, and he used it alll summer!Does Lytton cimb in with the fish, or is that a brand new project?

  8. A perfect way to cool off and fortunately refrain from “helping” or do only toddlers do that?

  9. He’s absolutely wonderful! I had a black lab who used to love to dig earth in my garden and cool off there. Didn’t make me too happy, but Jake loved it!

  10. Hi Caroline – You will have to bring Lauren for a visit next time you are here so we can take some pics of her with Lytton. We didn’t get a thunderstorm today though it was forecast. Hope the violin practise has gone well. Simon – at least your weather today was better! L. does look cute.Alyssa – L. loves wearing his neck scarf – I was pleased that I had just washed it the day before. It’s not obvious in the picture, but there are some shiny paste stones on each corner of the scarf. Your pugs are adorable … L. would like them!Acey – so true – there is much to do in the garden. I overdid it this weekend and am trying to work up the enthusiasm to make mandolin practice tonight. I am in the mood to sit and read a book and enjoy what’s blooming. Our garden time goes so quickly here. Clare – Lytton like getting his picture taken as long as the flash doesn’t go off. I have a feeling that Moose and Lytton would probably enjoy getting into mischief together. I like the way animals find these comfy spots to nap in. Bindi – It’s hard to imagine it being winter there … although your winter is not quite like it is here. Cats always find the good warm spots … and also the cool ones in hot weather.Chigiy – That’s the thing with labs. They love being patted and it is so easy to spend time with them. They speak with their eyes and the joy and love that beams from them is beautiful. Sandy – Lytton would be happy to have his own pool, but makes due with the river a few blocks from here. When he was much younger, he fell into the pond and since then, he keeps his distance. I wonder though if that will change now that he’s getting used to spending time in the empty pond. Michelle – It took a long time to get L. to stop digging in the garden. As soon as I would turn my back, I’d feel dirt shooting towards me. Now he tends to sniff and to find a cool spot to nap. Pam – He is definitely a dog who knows how to find comfort! Chris – Lytton did the same. Sometimes he helped out when I wanted something dug, but most of the time, he dug up my plants. He finally stopped … now that he’s six, he seems to have settled down just a bit.

  11. Smart Dog. Looks like he was wanting you to take his picture. My dogs seem to know when a camera is around too.

  12. Oh sweet Lytton! What a cutie pie with his pretty blue scarf. Love him!

  13. What a handsome fella. Agnes, our black lab loves to relax on the cool shady soil too.

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