The curious case of the leaking pond …

… or what’s a girl to do but paint clay flowerpots and pretend all is well with the world?

It seems a tad obvious to me that water and I are in a rather uneasy relationship these days.

A few days’ ago, it was the leaking basement – which I am happy to report smells much better and has mostly dried out.

Then, on the same day, I discovered that the water level in the pond had dropped to about one-half its normal level. Why it sprung a sudden leak is beyond me … but I have decided now to reduce the size of the pond and use a pre-formed pond I was given earlier this spring.

As someone jokingly said, maybe the pond is leaking into the basement … but, um, I hate to report, the basement flood was a case of clogged eavestroughs and forgetting to have them cleaned last fall. Oh dear. Bruce, my handyman, appeared today and cleared them for me. He also looked at the pond and said, he’d help fix it starting tomorrow. At the same time, he will begin constructing a trellis that will allow my American Bittersweet vines to grow skywards.

When this work is done, then I will have the unused gravel carport in the back lane changed into a new seating area. The fence has to be moved back, but Bruce assures me that I have all the necessary wood in the garage.

In the meantime, I am painting flowerpots … it I used to paint and stencil flowerpots regularly, but haven’t done any for several years. It feels good to be back doing something that I love. I spent several hours sorting through my stencils – I have a large collection many of which I made.

Good thing that I’m in the painting zone – my pot collection needs restocking (see right for an example of one that is still in good shape). Several of my really large flowerpots have to be emptied and re-stenciled. There will be plenty to do all summer long.

And just to keep things interesting, we have yet another Frost warning for City of Regina. In some ways, I don’t mind covering plants and bringing in tender ones. It is a reminder of how little control we have over the natural world …

~ The green grass flies up in the air, a buoyant cloud swirling about her head. Oh, what a sight is Mrs. Turner cutting her grass and how, like an ornament, she shines. ~

[from ‘Mrs. Turner Cutting the Grass’, in Various Miracles,
by the beloved prairie author, Carol Shields.]

17 thoughts on “The curious case of the leaking pond …

  1. Hey Carmelita – what’s happ’nin? Happy to see that you’re back to the glory days of stenciling pots – you’re a wonder with that skill – I’ve never seen such fabulous pots!!!! Thanks for the basement update, we were wondering how the basement situation was – did you read about our lovely Coolgary snow the other day? We’re still mourning our many broken off delphiniums, bleeding heart twigs, etc. As previously mentioned though, the multitudes of orangy tulips all survived intact!! Looking forward to seeing the latest and greatest pot creations!!! Oops must run – just burned an entire pan of pumpkin seeds I was roasting – sure hope the smoke alarm doesn’t wake up the sleeping children!!! Love ya – Pippi L

  2. Hi Kate! Your handyman Bruce sounds like a keeper! That is unbelievable about the pond and the basement both springing leaks. That’s just not fair. And frost in late May? We’ve been having really warm weather here. It’s so great that you find the good things in all of this — painted flowerpots are such a lovely idea. I want painted flower pots too! What’s the best kind of paint to use? And a new seating are sounds really nice. I’m looking to get some kind of glider or rocker for my garden.I hope you have a really nice weekend!

  3. Sorry to hear about all your leaks! Painting pots sounds nice and restful to me. Hope you don’t get the frost, we’re heading for a couple of very wet cold days over our Bank Holiday! Have a good weekend.Kim x

  4. Sorry to hear about all the leaks. My dad’s lilypod sprang a leak this year, too, and he recently sprained his back trying to replace it. Not fun. Your stenciled pot looks beautiful. What a delightful (and I’ll bet relaxing?) hobby. Enjoy!

  5. Everyone needs a Bruce!The pond looks great – shame about the leak. I hope the fish are doing ok. Beautiful artwork. I look forward to seeing the results of the restorations.

  6. Boy, I wish I had a Bruce!Your pot is beautiful, hope we get to see your new works of art as you complete the. Happy painting!

  7. I love that poem, Kate. And your stenciled pots are beautiful! Let me know if you put some up for sale…cuz I’ll be buyin’ one!xox

  8. Your pond looks wonderful. I love outdoor ponds like that. And your flower pots look wonderful too. Do you sell them?We have an uneasy relationship with water here too. It keeps raining. Well, you know Vancouver, the wet coast.Cheers,Josie

  9. It’s a good thing you have a handyman, all problems will be solve in no time. I like stencelling too. My biggest project i made was stencelling the columns in my living room. Maybe in my next visit here I get to see your stencil projects. the old one you made is very nice.

  10. Kate,Better to paint those lovely flower pots than to bite your fingernails over the pond.I had a pond leak once – seems muskrats chew through the liner four inches below the fill line. It was an easy fix but expensive. I fretted over it. If we had an overnight freeze now it would be an unusual accident of nature, but you never know… I hope you have enough warning to protect your lovely garden gems. Bruce sounds like a wonderful guy. We all need a Bruce in our lives.

  11. Hi Kate, Yes, I think the water gods are mad at you! Make more brownies!! You are such a talented woman – the stenciled pot looks quite professional. I hope you didn’t get that frost that was predicted – Ugh. You know, if the pond isn’t holding water you could fill it with soil and have a bog garden – just run some water into it once and a while. I just loved that snippet about Mrs. Turner. Let’s hope this is the last of the “leakers” you’ll run into. Have a wonderful Memorial weekend. Alyssa

  12. Good to hear about your drying basement. That’s odd to have that happen on the same day as your leaking pond. Sounds like you will have a busy weekend.

  13. Love those pots. Have you ever painted the terra cotta colored ones? And, do you put something on them after to protect the paint. Glad you got your leaks fixed. It is strange to have two problems with water so close together.

  14. very envious of your skill with painting! what a nice addition to the garden.I would love a pond, maybe that shoud be the next project.

  15. Oh, I’d love to see more of your stenciled pots! I love that blue one!Sorry about the pond! I’d dearly love to put a small one in our back garden, but Romie says not this year. We’ll see! 😉

  16. Good thing you have a backup plan and a new liner for the pond – and redoing that part of the garden will keep you from getting bored once the spring flowers fade, Kate!Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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