Sometimes I wonder about me

So I am supposed to be at my painting class right about now learning all about composition. Shortly before going, I discovered, quite by accident thankfully, that I had water in the basement. Yikes! I have now spent the afternoon moving furniture, tossing stuff and trying to salvage some of my fiddle music binders which had been sitting on the carpeted floor.

Yes, yes, if I was an organised sort, my music would be filed safely away on a bookcase, out of harm’s way. If I was just a tad more diligent, I would have checked the basement after the big thunderstorm we had the other night instead of admiring the Lewisia … pictured at right.

Ugh … this is one of those times when I wish I still had a husband or a more reliable handyman. My 14-year-old son doesn’t yet know what is in store for him this evening. I will have to bake some brownies later. Maybe if I’m still moving, I’ll post the recipe later. It is delicious! In fact, the thought of brownies is keeping me going this afternoon.

19 thoughts on “Sometimes I wonder about me

  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about water in your basement. 😦 I hope you get it cleaned up shortly and without much damage.That Lewisia…….I bought two of them two summers ago and they have done NOTHING but exist since then. I’m not kidding. They look exactly like they did the day they arrived at my house. One measly little leaf group on each one of them. They’re called “Bridal Bouquet” and are supposed to be like the ones you have pictured. What am I doing wrong? 😦

  2. OMG!!! your basement is flodded, Oh Kate, I do hope nothing is lost that you treasure…tcS

  3. Hi Kylee … the main thing with Lewisia is to plant them at an angle in a really well-draining soil and then surround the rosette with rocks so that none of fleshy leaves are in touch with the ground. I often go by and check to make sure that the rocks haven’t moved or shifted and that they are quite tight to the plant’s crown. I bought another this morning to replace one that didn’t make it this year.Simon – at least I’ve just lost some music and quite a few books that had been stacked up behind the tv on the floor. Nothing like photograph albums. At the moment, I’m just worried that the carpet has gone moldy.

  4. Oh, Kate. You are something. Admiring your flowers is so much more important. I’m sorry the storm wrecked your basement…I know what that is like! Ennoy those brownies because I’m sure that basement will dry out and everything will be saved. Ask for help and you’ll get it!

  5. Sorry to hear about your basement flooding. Hope you remain dry and enjoy those brownies. Lovely Lewisia. Will they grow further south say zone 6?

  6. That’s terrible about your basement — and it’s too bad you had to miss your painting class, too. I hope you don’t get more rain any time soon! The brownies sound good — maybe your son will be motivated to help with the basement, knowing that warm brownies are waiting for him! Take care.

  7. Oh Kate, what a bummer. I hope none of your music was ruined. Unfortunately, things like this wake us up and we finally do get organized. Our old basement leaks badly and sometimes floods, so we are VERY prepared now. Nothing that can be ruined is sitting on the floor. I think the basement is now the most organized area of our house! Brownies can make just about anything better. After a whole pan of them even your wet basement won’t bother you at all. Better day tomorrow. Alyssa

  8. Aargh! Water in the basement…I, too, hope nothing precious was seriously damaged.A fiddle and art lessons, you are a multi talented woman!I love the Lewisia photo, may I have your permission to use it for an art project I’m working on?

  9. Its a pity that something as exciting as a thundestorm can be a real menace. I hope you can salvage most of your music binders.Although dear Kate, I think, if I were you, the same thing would have happened again because that Lewisia is sooo lovely, you cannot help admiring it!

  10. Hello Kate, thank you so much for stopping by “my place”. I got caught up reading your blog and must say I identify quite a bit with some of the things you say (work, marriage a.s.o.). I am sure I will be a returning visitor. I bet it was quite discouraging to find water in your basement. I hope you were able to constrain some of the damage and not too many personal items were damaged.Much luck to you! Andrea (from Germany)

  11. Hi Kate,I’m so sorry about your basement. We’re going through stuff, too, right now. Our bathroom flooded into the bedroom after a big storm. And our air conditioner went out the same week. I asked, What else???? Kate!!!!! Don’t ask that!!!! Them my 15 yo and I were in a scary wreck the next day. Bruised, but not broken. I guess I’m just trying to tell you it’s just stuff. It will be okay. And I went to the backyard and planted more flowers…it’s all that I could do during all the turmoil. πŸ™‚ The lewisia is wonderful. Oh, my old blog is no longer working (downmygardenpath). Please come visit my new one: throughthegardengate.blogspot.comSee you soon and hang in there! Chris

  12. Oh ! Sorry to hear that! I hope the damage isn’t too bad, and that things dry quickly again 😦 And art class – I look forward to see some of your paintings here soon πŸ™‚

  13. Oh Kate…I am so sorry! We had water (just a bit, thankfully, not much) in our basement which was when we figured out the sump pump wasn’t working (who knew you were supposed to check them??)…anyway, we are just like you (although the basement is obviously not as nice…no carpeting…not a place to hang around!) with things around (who puts things away?? who has time??)…on second thought, we are worse than you because you notice I don’t put pictures up of my house inside!! Lol! Except one…when I repotted the orchid…and my daughter laughed herself hysterical…Did I vacuum and pick up just for the picture, she wanted to know (my neighbor, too…geez)….well, actually…maybe…but I’m not really saying!Anyway, I hope you can find one of those companies with the giant sucking fans that can pull the water out…I’m so sorry about the losses.

  14. Yo, Carmelita – how’re things? Just wondering how the basement situation is – looking forward to an update (especially if it’s still raining there!) We woke up to about 5 inches of heavy wet snow this morning – broke off most of our delphiniums, bleeding heart twigs snapped off, one peony bush is toast – not sure if any of ’em’ll recover from this one – funnily enuf, all the darn orange tulips look as right as rain – still standing tall in all their orange glory – not even bent over!!! Love ya – Pippi L.

  15. ooohyes brownies! they always work πŸ™‚ it is so nice to have the hubby do all the heavy lifting , don’t ever tell him i said so πŸ˜‰

  16. Brownies help in a lot of situations, and I hope they worked their magic in this one, Kate. Sometimes I wish we had basements in my area, because we could use the space. But flash floods are the norm here… guess we’re better off without them.Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  17. Thanks for posting the picture of the Lewisia which looks just great! And, many thanks for the advice on growing them. Ours finally arrived fully in bloom but I was in a quandry as to where to plant and what kind of soil it needed. It didn’t even have the usual planting instruction tag and the only information I got came from a botanical book which mentioned sharply draining but rich soil. That soil requirement seems almost impossible to achieve. The book also mentioned that it didn’t like heat so it may be a challenge to grow it in NJ with the hot humid months around the corner.The nasty thing about a flooded basement is the phenomenally quick growth of mold and attendant awful smell. We had a heavy rainstorm about a month ago and our neighbor’s basement flooded with water about 8″ deep. Apparently his lone sump pump failed so he came over to borrow our small submersible pond pump. He said it took 3 days to pump out all the water! Why he didn’t call the fire department or a pro is beyond me. We saw pile of carpeting along the curbside for the garbage man.Luckily our home has two pumps. I was alerted to a failing pump by strange gurgling noises coming from the basement but the lone pump kept us dry.

  18. I got TWO Lewisias when we were in Cleveland a couple days ago! Just planted them this afternoon, and exactly as you said. I’m going to move my old ones to a better location. I’ll have to post a picture of those. You’ll so laugh!My new ones are yellow and a pink like yours.

  19. Kate, my new lewisia seems to be thriving, but I have a question. Once the blooms are spent, do I cut back the flower stalks? (I’m guessing yes.) And if so, how far back?

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