And now for something completely different …

Since it was a cool and wet day, I spent more time in the house today and less in the garden. I started the day reading my favourite blogs, and arrived at Bindi Nestor’s blog. I was reminded of the Yogurt Oatmeal Muffin recipe Bindi had posted a few days’ earlier. Today seemed the perfect time to try it. A quick examination of my fridge yielded some blueberries, and then I discovered a cache of pecans. Both seemed like they would make perfect additions to the muffins.

The muffins were incredibly simple to make, although I had to figure out the necessary substitutions for self-rising flour. It is hard to find self-rising flour here, so I was happy that a search on the internet yielded the answer to my question. I also decided to add a pinch of mace and cardamon along with a touch of cinnamon.

My son couldn’t wait to taste them when they came out of the oven. They smelled heavenly as they were baking.

Between my son and I, we polished off several of the muffins so there aren’t many left now – as you can tell from the picture at left. All in all, we figured that the muffins capped a pretty good May long weekend here in Canada. I quite like the idea that Bindi’s recipe has now been made in Australia, where Bindi resides and also in Germany by Charlotteotter and in Illinois by Stephanie. (edited after reading Bindi’s comment)

If you have an opportunity to make these muffins, you won’t be disappointed. Drop Bindi a line too, and let her know what additions you might have made to her recipe.

And on the next rainy day, I’ll post my favourite brownie recipe. Stay tuned – it could be as early as tomorrow!!

10 thoughts on “And now for something completely different …

  1. If I were a good mom I would make more of these types of yummy things for my boys. They look delicious.I’m looking forward to the brownie recipe although I hope the weather gets better for you.

  2. Hi Kate, they look yummy. The recipe has also been made in Chicago by Stephanie of AladyinGreen, and her flatmate. They made a tripple batch using apple and cinnamon. Charlotte used chocolate and walnut, and Sally and I made banana ones. A truly international muffin bake-off has begun, what fun!

  3. Those muffins look so tasty! And I love pecans too. I’m getting hungry. I’ll have to settle for some ready-made scones we picked up today — but maybe tomorrow I’ll do some baking!

  4. Now you just stop it, Kate! I had dental surgery yesterday and can’t eat any solid food! Now all I can think about is these muffins!:)xoxo!

  5. hm, might have to try those! did you mix and music during the rain?? nudge nudge

  6. Those muffins look great and I like the sound of brownies too – my daughters love them. We’ve got a few days of baking planned next week when my daughters are off school.Kimx

  7. You are in Monty Python mode I see. These sound absolutely yummy!!!Goes to put some coffee on..tcS

  8. They do look yum! I will have to pop over and check out the recipe. I could use a good one as the muffins I made a few days ago were not so tasty. Like the roses, too!

  9. Kate, what quantity of fruits, etc did you use? I notice that there are quantities for everything else except for that ingredient.

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