Since it didn’t rain as predicted …

I came straight home from fiddle group this afternoon, and headed to the back garden. It was a perfect gardening day. The sun was shining, the air was warm and there was nary a breath of wind. Now that is unusual for the Canadian prairies!

I spent several hours constructing bamboo teepees for various vines, most of which have not been planted outdoors yet. At right, is a picture of me digging in a new part of my flower garden. Most days, you will find me wearing these ancient overalls which have weathered about 15 gardening seasons. Two of the bamboo teepees can also be seen behind me in this picture.

The Primroses, pictured at right, weather combined with the rain of yesterday are looking gorgeous and enjoying the cooler day. Tonight and tomorrow we have more rain in the forecast. I am skeptical of this, since rain was forecast for all of today.

When I took a break from digging, I took the time to enjoy the movement of the Anemones (at left) as their faces turned to follow the sun.

18 thoughts on “Since it didn’t rain as predicted …

  1. Why are clothes the most comfortable when they are about to fall apart? I have favorite holey gardening t-shirts, frayed shorts or pants with knees blown out. Haven’t gone to the dentist that way 😉 but sure have gone to the garden nurseries in those clothes with nary a glance from other gardeners. Seems you need a bit of dirt on your clothes to show your bona fides as a gardener.Wonderful anemones. Ours are still a ways off except for the early A. sylvestris. Very nice primroses too.

  2. What a pretty garden! I’m almost jealous.Then my joints think “winter!”I misplaced your blog and had to go back through comments.Now firmly bookmarked, I can pop in from time to time.

  3. Hi Kate! I love the photo of you in your garden! The bamboo teepees are a neat idea — we actually have some bamboo growing in our garden, on the uphill side. Your primroses are such a beautiful color, and the Anemones’ faces are so earnestly sweet!

  4. Hi Kate, nice pic. You certainly look comfy in that gear! I imagine green beans climbing some of those teepees, or do you have other things in mind?

  5. I am just a tad envious! It’s been raining here for days and I so want to be in the garden. Yours is looking wonderful, good luck with it all.Kimx

  6. Well you just look adorable in those overalls! The primroses and anemones are beautiful…and I like the way their faces follow the sun. That is so sweet.xo

  7. Those anemones are really lovely! Your pic in overalls (you look cute) made me laugh, I have a pair like that, still with the trouser legs attached. Perhaps I should wear it too while gardening? ;-)Bamboo teepees are to be found in my garden too, they are both pretty and practical. It really looks like Spring now in your garden. Enjoy!

  8. Love those bamboo ‘wigwam’ frames- what a super idea for beans and peas as well ;)Got rain yet?tcS

  9. Ki – I think there’s something really comforting in clothes about to fall apart. They are soft, well worn and familiar. Dinahmow – it’s great to see you again! Yes, just think winter and you’ll appreciate your location all the more!Clare – I figured it was time to put up a pic of my favourite gardening outfit. Those bamboo teepees are cool, although this morning I thought that my yard was looking just a bit odd with with the ribbons fluttering in the wind. I would love having some bamboo growing in my garden but it wouldn’t survive. I have some growing indoors though. Bindi – I think I’m going to grow some hyacinth bean vines to overtake some of the bamboo teepees.Kim – we’re having rain today although it is quite light and the day is warm. I am glad to have a bit of a break from gardening… soon your sun will be shining and you’ll be out in the garden again!Abby – you are kind! I was feeling a bit worse for wear when my son decided it would be fun to take some pictures of me. I love the way anemones follow the sun. Yolanda – I have a hunch that you look way more stylish when you are gardening. I am such a messy gardener that these overalls are about the only gardening clothes that I haven’t wrecked. I am looking into having more stylish shoes though … so you are having a positive influence!! Spring has arrived … finally, although our roses will not be blooming for a long while! Simon – yes, rain … all night long. I woke to a loud crack of thunder around 3:00, although now the rain is a gentle one.

  10. So glad the rain didn’t make an appearance for you on the long weekend. The teepees will soon be filled in with vines.

  11. There is nothing in the world as comfy as old cloths worn soft. Your garden is just incredible and I’m learning about many new flowers as well as the names of familiar faces.

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog. I will put a link to you on my sidebar if that is ok with you.I like my plants and I potter alot in the garden but I not to good with all the names:-)Take care,Alison x.

  13. You know what Kate, I learned something from your blog today. I had never realized that Primrose Hill (great view from there) in London is in fact named after a flower! I know now, and I even know what it looks like thanks to you 🙂

  14. Spring looks to have made a serious appearance in your part of the world Kate. It’s all about putting more clothes on downunder at the moment!I have been known to do the school run only to find I’m still waering slippers much to my childrens embaressment!Meganx

  15. Looks like you had a good and productive day. I adore your primroses. Like the bamboo teepee’s. I am wanting to grow some clumping bamboo in my gardens but can’t remember the kind recommended to me by a local gardener.

  16. Hi Kate, Wonderful picture of you – who was behind the camera? Both of your flower pictures are quite beautiful and it looks like things are taking off for you. What type of vines are you planning for the teepees? Some flowers as well as vegetables, I hope. Can’t wait to see the pics. Have a good week, Alyssa

  17. Hi Kate,nice to see a photo of you in your post :-)! Now it´s raining too in Austria but the last two days we had so hot weather – like in July or August! I don´t mind at the moment because the rain is so much needed for the flowers and roses!Lots of greetings, Verena

  18. Look at you! You’re too cute! I love it! Well, I have a gardening wardrobe composed of stained and ratty clothing…constantly being added to as I forget what I am wearing and just mean to do a little bit…Since I am not a shopper, pretty soon I will have nothing unstained left to wear! Er…clothing shopper, I should say! Those primroses (and everything else) are wonderful! Oh, I wish I could grow them!! I will just admire yours…and the liver lilies you grow…and everything else!

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