The Last of the Liverlilies

Although it rained for much of the day, the sun peeked out for a few short minutes. I dashed outside to take these pictures just before the rain started again.

These are the last of the lovely Liverlily blooms, pictured above. I love the shape of the leaves and will miss the perky blue flowers that bloomed for weeks.

The picture, at left, is of my Barrenwort (Epimedium x rubrum) which is so much at home along the pond’s edge. It is interesting that there is quite a bit of difference among web sources as the zones this plant can survive in.

The garden is looking healthy and lush today. Tomorrow I will be back working in the garden as long as the weather prediction is correct.

16 thoughts on “The Last of the Liverlilies

  1. Hi Kate! I’m enjoying the names of the flowers — some sound like characters in a cozy book and others sound really scientific. I bet your garden smells wonderful after the rain — I love the smell of wet dirt, in addition to the flowers. I’m so glad you started this blog — I look forward to reading it each time!

  2. I’m glad you left me a comment so I could find your blog, What a beautiful little gem of a garden you have! And I love epimediums, too! I just planted my first one yesterday here at our new home and hope it does well. I read about a great idea to help plants overwinter when you are pushing their zone. Wrap a strand of Christmas lights around the plant (or on top of the soil) and make a tent out od sticks and heavy plastic. Keep the lights turned on during the coldest times. The lights don’t get hot enough to set fire to anything but are warm enough to keep the plants cozy. I plan to try this next time I am trying a Zone 7 plant here in Zome 5b/6.

  3. Ooh – the Epimedium leaves are pretty too! That elongated heart shape is quite fetching. The tulips and lewisia and hepatica are all lovely, Kate – so I hope you don’t mind when we can’t resist playing with the name of your beloved flowers. For example, today’s blog title made me smile – wasn’t that an old Don Knotts movie? You’ll be glad to see them again next spring!Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. Hi Kate, The epimedium is very lovely. I’m thinking of trying some in my back shady garden. Really pretty. Thank you, Alyssa

  5. Inspired by photos of your Hepaticas, I went to a Mastergardener’s plant sale and found some. They were a bit expensive so I bought only one but it seems to be several plants in the pots so well worth the price. I hope they do as well as yours and the tag says the color is blue which is exactly what I was after. My previous purchase was of three single plants which I did not group so they look pitifully sparse and forlorn. No wonder I got only a single flower this year.

  6. Hi Clare – I get a big kick out of plant names. The garden smells and looks wonderful after the rain – it was looking a bit stressed from all the wind we’d been having. Criquette, I will definitely be in touch to find out more about over-wintering plants … the Christmas tree lights sound really cool! Annie, you made me laugh … when I first came up with the blog title, I was thinking of using, “The Lone Lilyliver Rides Off in the Sunset”, but then thought “The Last of the Liverlilies” sounded reminiscent of “The Last of the Mohicans”… I hadn’t thought of Don Knotts!!Alyssa, epimediums are great shade plants – they are easy plants and will even grow in dry shade.Ki – I am so glad that you got a blue liverlily. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it does well for you and provides more than 1 bloom!!

  7. Liver lilies… I’ve never heard of these, but they’re very pretty! And the epimedium – that’s one of my favorites. Love the red edge on the foliage.

  8. Hi Kate,I´ve never heard of these plants so I can´t translate them into German. But the leaves of the Epidemium look very much like hearts. I like them :-)!So I hope weather will be fine that you can get back into your garden!Lots of greetings, Verena

  9. I don’t have any of these plants, but I’ve seen them growing at the Edinburgh botanic gardens. Their leaves are very distinctive, with shy little flowers.

  10. I will miss them too!I adored those Liverlilies and will sorely miss them on your blog. The epemediums are lovely too with their heart shaped leaves. I don’t know if these plants will survive the climate here in India but will love to see them grow here.

  11. Hi Kylee, if you check back a few posts, you’ll come across several pics about liverlilies. I did go on about them …. they are beautiful, as are the Epimediums.Verena – The liverlilies are ‘Hepatica nobilis’. Thankfully it is a bright and sunny day here so I am having a delightful time in the back garden … WildlifeGardener – That is a wonderful description of the epimedium flowers. Hi Green Thumb – Yes, the Liverlilies were quite amazing this year. I will miss them too … something to look forward to next spring. I wonder if epimediums would survive … probably not with the heat… but then, you have such magnificent foliage plants. I love seeing the incredible variety of plant life in India in your blog!

  12. The Barrenwort looks lovely. Don’t know this plant but its leaves are very pretty with the red edges. Must remember it when the pond in my garden is finally dug and ready for planting. 🙂

  13. The liver lilies are much prettier than the name. I don’t think I have seen that here. Have fun out there tomorrow!

  14. The Liverlilies are so pretty. Will miss seeing them in you blog. Your gardens are great to see but I bet photo’s don’t do them justice.

  15. Hi Yolanda … I’ll have to start encouraging you to get a pond going. It’s a whole new world. I love pond plants.Sandy – yesterday turned into a perfect garden day. Curtis – Thank you for visiting my blog. I will miss the liverlilies too … what a show they put on this year!

  16. I’ve never seen or heard of Epimedium, but they’re fantastic! I *love* those heart shaped leaves! Very nice! 🙂

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