A memory

For years, I have had this little colourful flower stuck in with my oleander tree. When it catches my attention, I am reminded of my three nieces who live in Edmonton.

Most summers, from the time my eldest niece was seven years old, they would spend a few weeks at my parent’s cottage without their parents. When I lived in Ottawa, I used to organize my summer vacations to coincide with their time at the lake.

Along with my younger sister, we experimented with all sorts of crafts. Usually this involved painting and stenciling most everything at the cottage.

One summer though, we discovered the delights of FIMO. It is a plasticine-like substance that can be baked and varnished. We had a blast fashioning all sorts of things, from beads and little cows to miniature baskets and flowers. We overbaked one tray of FIMO, and couldn’t believe our luck when the colours hadn’t change in the slightest. The cottage smelled horrendous though and forced us outside.

Impressed as we were by our creations, we concocted a plan to set up a stand and sell our work on the main street of the town nearest the cottage. My mother was horrified and eventually talked out of it by buying many of our pieces. I always regret not carrying through with that plan!

One memory, one flower and a longing – for a time when I saw the world through rose-tinted glasses.

12 thoughts on “A memory

  1. Hi Kate,Fimo, I know it well and have made many lovely things with it for my dolls houses and hope to make some more next winter.Isn’t it very special and wonderful that this tiny Fimo decoration reminded you of happy days gone by? Treasure these memories, they will help you through rainy days.Speaking of which, still no rain in the Netherlands. We’re having weird but wonderful weather. It seems that we have skipped both April and May and moved straight into June. My only worry is that it hasn’t rained for over 6 weeks now and my garden is gasping for a drop of water. How’s the weather with you?

  2. I simply love that flower! And the good thing is, it is blooming all year around!Oh an let the weather in the Netherlands be nice for a couple of days more Yolanda, I am coming over for a visit this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. what a great little piece of tangible memory that is! it’s so adorable and bright! i haven’t used Fimo in ages, thanks for reminding me! Currently i have a little blue bird on my computer monitor at work that i made out of that Blue Sticky Tacky stuff they use in Elementary school to stick posters to the walls. i like it because it’s something i made to remind me of the world outside my office. Maybe i’ll try making one out of Fimo. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. A sweet, sweet memory that will never lose its color.I laughed at the story of your mother buying all of your pieces. My Mom also hated our goofy ideas to sell our wares on a busy street in the neighborhood. LOL!Thanks for that memory, Kate!

  5. Yolanda Elizabet – Fimo is great fun to work with. It is easy to spend hours working with it. These memories are speical and as you say, they do help through rainy days (as well as through pms!!! Never thought I’d say that I can’t wait to be in my mid-50s!) Overnight we had some rain which was much needed. It has been warm and dry here with high winds that were drying out the garden. I hope that you get some rain, but only after Ingrid has arrived back in Britain!! Ingrid – imagine you popped to mind while I was in San Diego and saw Bill N. appear on screen. I can’t wait to watch ‘The Girl’… and it is so true – this flower doesn’t require a stitch of work on my part to keep it blooming year round.I Am the Diva – Laura – It amazes me how small objects can bring such good thoughts to us … especially at times when we most need them. Try Fimo for the colours! Varnishing your pieces after baking them makes them shiny!You will be getting your CD soon … I was on holiday and so have been completely lazy in preparing it. Choosing the songs is harder than I thought! That was such a cool idea… listening to your music and reading about why you like it. Mary – I think my mother was appalled that I was going along and in fact encouraging my nieces to become street vendors. They were so keen to set up a table on Main Street in Fort Qu’Appelle that I suspect some day we’ll do it just to say we did it. That’s what I have loved about spending stretches of time with my nieces – the memories are so special especially now that the three oldest are all adults! Good thing that I have a 6-yr. old one still to play with!!

  6. fimo rules! I must admit I am amazed at how well fimo seems to hold up to the weather and time.tcS

  7. Fimo does rule, S! It’s great fun and lasts for ages and ages. I should really take a picture of the cow who is mostly blue with enormous pink udders.

  8. A lovely memory, Kate. Reminded me of the poem by Housman…This is the land of lost content, I see it shining plain, The happy highways where I went, And cannot come again.

  9. Hi Kate,I only want to tell you that Iยดve nominated you for the “Thinking Blogger Award”.If you visit my blog you will get more informations!Lots of greetings and have a nice weekend, Verena

  10. What a lovely story, Kate. And how nice to have a beautiful flower that blooms year-round! A sweet memory.

  11. Amazing, isn’t it. Fancy after all that time in your garden, it still has its bright colour.As we head into our cooler months, I’m sure the das, playdoh, and fimo will be coming out again in my house too. My kids like to make fridge magnets out of the fimo.

  12. Hi Kate! That’s a sweet little flower by the oleander tree! It’s so cool that you did crafts with your nieces — what a wonderful gift for them. I bet those are good memories for them now, too! I love your website! ๐Ÿ™‚

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