Of sea lavender, coral trees and the ocean

It is quite amazing to think that a few short days’ ago, I was in a world where my garden had just begun to emerge from a long winter.

Now I am in a lush world of trees, shrubs, plants and flowers, most of which are not readily identifiable to me. (Thank goodness for the internet!) It is almost overwhelming – this profusion of flowers blooming with abandon everywhere, while the Scilla in my garden are not even in bloom.

There are Delphiniums alongside Coral trees (first picture) huge drifts of Sea Lavender (second picture), the likes of which I have never seen before.

It is hard not to want to stop and check out every new flower or plant that catches my eye. Luckily, I am with a patient friend who takes wonderful pictures.

I am still trying to figure out what the tall, spiky purple flowers are on this large succulent plant. Can anyone help me out?

Now that the sun has emerged, I am looking forward to a walk along the ocean later … and no doubt, there will be more mysterious plants to try and identify. Vacations are especially wonderful when there is time to amble about just soaking in new places and having a marvellous time with a good friend!

16 thoughts on “Of sea lavender, coral trees and the ocean

  1. Hi Kate. The purple flowers are Pride of Madera (Echium candicans) (E. fastuosum) and it does very well in our Mediterranean climate. I think it is native to the Canary islands. Anne

  2. Kate, for some reason I can’t see your photos, so I’ll just have to be glad you have a place to walk that gives you glimpses at new flowers. The sea lavender drifts sound lovely – I grew them as well as Delphinium, but I don’t know Coral Trees at all. Annie

  3. Kate,If you’ll be in San Diego for a while, call me at 619 647-8002. I’d love to show you around the Water Conservation Garden (thegarden.org)Anne

  4. Glad you’re having a lovely time, Kate. The marvelous of the internet is that your loyal and devoted fans (moi included) get to vicariously travel with you. cheers, jodi

  5. Wow, that first photo of the red flower against the teal sky is beautiful. It really pops.I wish you would come and help me with MY garden. I have a purple thumb! Help me, Kate.:)xo

  6. It sounds as though you are on holiday so I hope you are having a lovely time. Unfortunately the photos are little squares with a red cross in them so I can’t say anything about them. I do know what sea lavender looks like though so I can imagine those lovely drifts of soft colour.

  7. Hi Kate, I’m enjoying the photos. Sounds like a lovely relaxing holiday so far.

  8. I can see the photos, and they are beautiful! Have a grand time on your holiday, and I am sure you go home with gardening and art ideas to try!

  9. Reading all these comments dear Kate, I find myself fortunate to be able to see all your pics and they are very cute and beautiful. I am glad that blooms have started all around you, there will be so much to look forward to…

  10. Have a great time, Kate, examining all the flowers and plants you want! Lovely photos – nice color!

  11. San Diego!! I hope you have/had a great time! What a great place to vacation! Enjoyed your pictures (and I can see them)!Ahhhhhh….vacation!! I wish!

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