A simple Sunday morn with hopscotch

What is it about an early morning walk on a Sunday in springtime that awakens the senses so completely? The only sounds are those of birds visiting and the odd car driving by. It is too early in the season for the Sunday morning assault by electric lawnmowers and chain saws that will begin in later spring.

Lytton, my big brown dog, was raring to go as he always is. I love how he crisscrosses the park in search of scents his friends have left behind (at least I think that is what is looking for!).

He plunges into the river with great gusto and swims contentedly with the current looking for a stick to bring back to me. At points, I see him roaming along the river bank, with only his tail visible, disappearing the odd time when he spies ducks in the water. This is the world he was meant to live in …

As we walked, we came across sights that we haven’t seen for awhile – a father patiently throwing a ball to his young son at bat, a dog chasing a frisbee and a group of cyclists tearing along the bike path. It is as if our world is slowly wakening … by mid-summer, the park will be alive with activity.

I knew, as we walked back home, that I would take some pictures of my emerging garden this morning. The liverlilies are still in bloom – now there are three plants, each sporting slightly different colours of blue flowers. I adore them.

Down the street from our house, we came upon three children playing a boisterous game of hopscotch. They were momentarily distracted by Lytton and wanted to pat him and shake his paw. Lytton is always happy to receive affection from children. I admired each child’s bright footwear in turn, including a pair of mauve running shoes that I wish I could fit into.

And of course, I was drawn into a game of hopscotch, finding it slightly challenging to fit in the small squares. A few times I was gently scolded for stopping to ask about their brightly-coloured drawings which decorated the hopscotch squares.

Spring is finally here and these are pictures from my garden this morning.

I hope you are not tiring from seeing more Liverlilies (in top picture).

In the second picture, several Scilla siberica are emerging alongside a small Sedum and an Arabis ferdinand-cobourgii ‘Variegata’ . I like this Arabis because of its name. I have always been intrigued with it, wondering how it came to be named after the Bulgarian Tsar Ferdinand of Saxe-Cobourg.

Pictured below is my favourite Veronica whitleyi, which will be in bloom soon. It is a breathtaking sight, with its deep blue, small flowers contrasting with the silverly-green foliage. The foliage of these plants remain beautiful throughout the summer, withstanding much heat and some drought.

At bottom, is an emerging Meadowrue (Thalictrum aquilegifolium). I love the purplish tinges to the leaves.

19 thoughts on “A simple Sunday morn with hopscotch

  1. There’s stuff a’growin.Isn’t it cool, to see spring bringing forth such a profusion of plant life, an affirmation indeed.No need for tv or all our modern entertainment, just look out of the window and get out in the dirt.great post – thanksS

  2. I’m so glad you garden is waking up. You’ve been a good sport about our southern garden that were sprouting a month ago! Our dogs love to walk and meet all the neighborhood kids. If we want to take a serious walk, it has to be when the sun goes down. That’s okay with us, though. Have a great week.

  3. I wish I could let my dog roam free while we walk. If I let him off the leash he would be gone. Plus he is afraid of water. I will NEVER understand how a labrador retriever can be afraid of water! 🙂

  4. Never tired of the photo’s kate. Planted some more in my garden beds this morning. Alway’s good to see how everything s growing!

  5. I’m not familiar with liverlilies but they are a pretty blue colour.

  6. You described a spring day perfectly. Hopscotch. I haven’t seen children play hopscotch for years.New things sprouting and color!Happy Spring, Kate! Enjoy rolling up those sleeves.

  7. I have never heard of liverlilies either. But they are very nifty and a lovely blue. Wonder how they would do here?

  8. Lovely post, Kate…a great way to celebrate Earth Day. No one could ever be tired of seeing Liverwort in bloom. I’m hoping ours will be flowering in another week or so. The mayflowers aren’t blooming yet, even on the south shore, and normally they’re out in April (making them April flowers…)Travel safely, and have fun…cheers, jodi

  9. Oh no, I LOVE seeing the liverlillies! (Who gets tired of garden pictures?…not me!) What a pleasant way to spend your morning! And hopscotch! I doubt my creaky joints would move…lol…so you have my admiration! It does make your heart glad to see people just enjoying life…and it makes mine glad to come over and read how beautifully you write about it!

  10. its so peasing when things start to grow, early spring flowers are amongst my favourites

  11. I have been working outdoors today, too. My plants are behind yours a bit, only just starting up. You are doing pretty good, if you can hopscotch! The little girls across the street use colored chalk on their Grammy’s driveway every weekend. Maybe I should give it a try. That last plant looks very interesting. I need to go find more info on that one.

  12. Dear Kate,How lovely to see that your garden is finally waking up. And not only your garden, but so many people too. Spring does that to a person. :-)Hopscotch eh? Children still play it here. Wonderful isn’t it, as it is such an old game to play.Walking your dog can be such fun! Especially such a sweetie as yours.

  13. Hi Kate, What a wonderful morning you had. It’s nice to hear that children are still playing the simple, “out-side” games that give them exercise and keep them in the fresh air. I’m glad you can still play them too! Those liver lilies (wish they had a different name!) are quite lovely – a true blue flower. It looks as if Spring has finally decided to come and visit you. Meadow Rue is another favorite of mine – they are super hardy but look delicate. Have a great gardening week. Alyssa

  14. I never heard of liverlilies — What a wonderful color they are. That blue is stunning!

  15. What a delightful morning you had! Wish I could take my dogs out running somewhere, but the old one is too blind and th eyoungster would go bounding off and be lost. Your garden is awakening beautifully. Love the liverlilies!

  16. Sunday morning walks are the best, especially if you can do them very early! I used to love playing hopscotch when I was younger so I can understand you joining in! Glad to see that the garden is waring up and spring is happening.Kim x

  17. Hi dear Kate!For a moment I was transported into your world, imaginig a walk with Lytton. It almost felt like being in a utopian world.Your liver lilies are adorable, I think i can never have enough of them.

  18. I love your descriptive writing Kate,I could visualise the children palying hopscotch so well.Meganx

  19. I’m so glad to discover in your blog new flowers I didn’t even know existed before. Liverlilies, wow, aren’t they just beautiful!

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