If I could change my shoes…

At the bookstore today, I came across a book entitled, Change Your Shoes, Change Your Life. If only things were that simple, I thought! I suppose if they were, we would miss out on those important lessons learned by living through difficult times.

Sometimes it just takes talking to a loving friend or sister to feel the world right itself. It is not easy to face up to those parts of ourselves that we would rather keep hidden or avoid acknowledging.

Facing up to my fears and shortcomings seems like a lot more work than changing my shoes, but I think the results are worth it. I would rather have a sense of peace realizing that I am far from perfect.

So I sometimes go off the rails and say hurtful things that I really don’t mean. That doesn’t lessen my ability to do good things with my life and bring joy to others.

I can still play fiddle music with my niece, help my nephew start his blog, play endless games of bingo with my niece, enjoy flowers and posts sent by a good friend and pay attention to my younger sister’s lectures (Now that is not an easy thing!!)

Here is a picture of my niece and I during our fiddle concert this evening. One of these days, I might be brave enough and post a sound clip.

[In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt — Margaret Atwood]

18 thoughts on “If I could change my shoes…

  1. Great picture, Kate…you both look so happy playing together. What a cutie pie niece you have. And YOU’RE a cutie pie too!:)

  2. You looked like your were having so much fun! Please do a sound clip. Two pretty ladies fiddlin’!Your words ring true. I have work to do on myself – we all have it.

  3. Kate, excellent post and what a lovely picture of 2 lovely ladies! This is a very special bond you have with your little niece. And I’d like to hear the both of you play too, but don’t feel pressured if you’d rather not post a sound clip.Have a great weekend!

  4. Go on, post that sound clip :-)I love the violin, some of my favourite pieces of music make very prominently use of violins (and it’s not classic music.

  5. Hi Kate, I agree that a it is a hard job to learn about yourself and use this as a way of positive change. Actually, I’ve found it goes on forever and sometimes we don’t learn at all! But to realize this is to learn also. (I get the feeling you rarely say hurtful things and are quite a nice person to know.) My view has become, over the years, to just do the best you can and try to do as little harm to any one or anything as possible. And to also do good where you can. What a wonderful picture of you and your niece playing – what piece were you two performing? I just happen to have Joshua Bell’s “Voice of the Violin” playing – the violin is so expressive and lovely. It is one of my favorite instruments. Have a wonderful Friday the 13th! It is a very lucky day — because we are alive! Alyssa

  6. Just discovered your site… please post a clip of your fiddle playing. After more than 15 years, I picked up my viola again and persuaded some co-workers to play again too. It’s such a great skill to have, no matter how you sound,as long as it makes you happy. take care

  7. Another great post, K. You do have a wonderful way with words and your emotions and I really enjoy the way you boldly express much that most of us only think about. Great photo as well!!tcS

  8. Hey sissie – it looks as though my earlier comment didn’t “take”!!! Now I can’t remember what earth shatteringly wonderful words of wisdom I had for you!!! I think it was something asking if you had changed your shoes yet – have you??? Make sure you post a sound clip – we’d LOVE to hear it!!!

  9. Kate It is my belief that unless we experience the “difficult moments” life has for us, we would not have a point of reference for knowing when things were right! A bit like the ying and the yang of life. Your right though, a little more tricky than changing shoes sometimes.You are so talented to be musical- I would love to hear you play!Meganx

  10. I have recently become aware of your blog and quite enjoy it. I too am waiting for spring to spring so I can go play in the what my mother used to call “good clean dirt”. A comment on your “If I could change my shoes” post. We all from time to time say or do things we regret – hopefully as we get older we learn to be a little more thoughtful before we speak or act, but we still are never perfect. The hardest thing to say is “I’m sorry”, but taking ownership of our words and actions is an important part of the process. There is another side to this, and it is regreting not saying or doing things we should have. If it’s hard saying I’m sorry to someone else, it’s even harder saying it to yourself, and meaning it. If I don’t have anything else to worry about, I can always go back to my list of things I should have said or done all the way to when I was a kid. I’m getting to the point where I’m not sure how much of this bagage I want or need to keep dragging along with me. Keep up the good work and I’ll vote for the fiddle too. I hope we all can get out into our gardens soon!

  11. I’m asking, too…we would love to hear you play!It’s hard for me to imagine you saying unkind things…you seem very kind hearted to me. Wonderful picture!

  12. I would love to hear a clip of your playing. My grandfather was a great fiddler. He lived in the Orkney islands in the far north of Scotland.

  13. Kate,What a great picture of you and your niece. It is wonderful that you play with her. I am so not musical. I took violin when I was eight, I gave it up about a month later. I think my music teacher and my family were relieved.I make my kids take piano, because I think music is important.Keep on playing.I’d love to here a sound clip.

  14. By all means, post your sound clip. Maybe I should do that too. Oh, no,that would require figuring out how to record it and how to post it. Maybe not. I smell like dirt! It has been a wonderful spring day.None of us are perfect and I for one am very capable of saying things that are hurtful. I have gotten better at self-control, but still, those moments arise. I have found the best way to deal with it is apologize sincerely and immediately, and eat crow willingly.

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