The first seedlings have appeared!

This afternoon, my younger sister went out and bought more soil so that my niece and I could make yet more newspaper pots. I was quite pleased to discover that some seeds, planted on Thursday, had sprouted. They are Mina vines and judging from the numbers sprouted, I should have about one-dozen vines.

The funny thing is that my niece was convinced that these were the seeds that we planted up on Saturday. I didn’t have the heart to say that our Saturday tray needed a bit more time before we would see some seedlings springing up.

It feels particularly good to see these encouraging signs of life – of spring. Snow is in the forecast for the next few days. Luckily there are books to read, a fiddle to play and a ribbon embroidery project to finish.

26 thoughts on “The first seedlings have appeared!

  1. At least April snow is usually pretty transient, so those seeds can get out before they’re too leggy. You’re so lucky to have a young gardener along for the fun!Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. I have daylilies and tomatoes, but the hot peppers are taking their sweet old time. We are under a heavy blanket of snow but this week promises to get warmer as it goes so we may get into the garden yet!

  3. Hi Kate,although I haven´t planted seeds until know I´ve planted a lot of bulbs. So I hope too that I can see result very soon :-)!Imagine, yesterday my friend, who I know since childdays, went to Vancouver for half a year. I´m looking forward what she thinks about Canada and the people :-)!Lots of greetings, Verena

  4. Kate, if you need some snow…we’ve got nearly a foot. although in the weather’s defense there ARE bare places again here and there–where the snow didn’t drift three or four feet deep. Glad to hear you’ve got sprouting seeds. cheers, jodi

  5. I like the newspaper pots, what a neat idea. You can probably put the whole thing in the soil as is, can you?

  6. Those newspaper pots are just such a cool idea, I suspect they can be plopped right into the ground, as I remember newspaper being used in compost in England. Even if the weather remains a little inclement up in the north, you know spring is on the way…tcS

  7. I have a few things up, hollyhocks, impatiens, butterfly weed, and agastache.Do the paper pots work well? It would be a good way to recycle. More snow here on Thursday! I am starting to get discouraged.

  8. Molly – these Mina vines are such fun to grow. I love the way the colours change. Annie – yes, thankfully, although we are beginning to wonder if we’ll go right to summer and miss spring completely. You would remember these times from living more northerly than you do now!Alison – I hope your weather warms and you will get out to the garden. It always seems to warm up quicker in ON. Your kids are adorable!I imagine you will be seeing your bulbs coming up soon, Verena. It will be great fun watching how your garden plan unfolds. Have you planted all of your roses yet? I will be interested in hearing how your friend enjoys Canada – Vancouver is a great city! Oh Jodi, you were buried under snow – the pictures on your blog are something else. I am still thinking about those beautiful NS garden centres.Silvia, you just plant them out paper and all – best to use just plain newspaper without colour unless you are sure that the newspaper is made from soy dyes. Simon was right about that … thank you for your visit, Simon – lucky you, living in SD!Your travel adventures in Chicago have entertained me, especially your post about pole dancing, Bindi! I sympathise with you, Sandy – it is discouraging to have snow so late in the year. The only thing that helps is knowing that it will end soon and it won’t be long till the seedlings are planted in the garden.

  9. Being extremely ignorant about the weather in Canada – is this extreme to have snow at this time of the year? Sounds not very spring like to me.

  10. Hi Ingrid, This is not normal weather for most of Canada – in Saskatchewan, we can have late snowstorms, although they don’t last … and the temperatures are decidedly warmer than they have been these past weeks.

  11. Spring is Coming! Today was really evary cold here for April! I was shivering! hee hee! It is past midnight and I can’t sleep I am surfing Bloggerville!

  12. Hi Kate, It’s nice to see some things coming up and growing. Especially right now when nothing here seems to be doing that. We also have snow forecast for tomorrow. Hopefully, it won’t last long. That’s cute that your niece thinks those are the seeds you two planted. Children seem to have such a positive outlook on life. By the way, I just love your ribbon embroidery that you showed recently. It looks extremely professional and beautiful. Be talking to you soon, Alyssa

  13. Sounds like you have a brand new gardening buddy! We had 80’s for a week or two and spring arrived in a hurry. Our cold snap put a halt on everything. We are back to square one. Even us in the south are experiencing the pain.Keep planting those seeds, Kate. You’ll have a luxurious garden before you know it!

  14. We’re due for snow tomorrow, too. I love reading of your collaborative ventures, looking forward to glimpses of the ribbon embroidery project, too!

  15. Thank you for a lovely post, Kate. Last night I visited my rhubarb plant and sent it some love; I plan to make a big, sweet pie from a few of her stalks to serve with ice cream. Summer is coming – get ready!

  16. Congratulations!!! 🙂 It really is nice to see those signs of spring, isn’t it?

  17. Ah, you are too industrious. Makes me feel like a slug just moping around waiting for the warm weather to appear.

  18. I like these. I’ve never really tried to start anything from seed. I may have to do that next year.

  19. I do like to use newspaper pots! It is also neat that your niece is getting exciting about gardening!

  20. You sound like me…too many hobbies. Never bored, lots of choice.

  21. Yes, it’s an exciting and encouraging time and wonderful to watch new plant life emerging – good luck with all your planting!

  22. Hi Kate: Your niece is fortunate to have such a caring aunt! She will probably always remember when she planted seeds and made pots with you!

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