Green Thumb Sunday and some roses

With sunshine streaming through the windows and a lovely bouquet of little roses on the table, it is a perfect morning for reading. There is an allusion of warmth here – as long as I don’t venture outdoors, all is well. And one of these days, I tell myself, I will be back in my garden puttering happily.

Last night, I taught my six-year-old niece, Lauren, how to make plant pots out of newspaper. She thought it was the greatest thing – she made a tray full of pots and I filled them with dirt. Then we sprinkled seeds in each pot. Well, I am hoping that some seeds reached all of the pots! There was a great deal of enthusiasm but not a lot of precision, so the results will be interesting.

The sheer joy of playing in the dirt, for child and adult, was brought home to me yet again. And now I am off on my Sunday morning tour of the Green Thumb Sunday blogroll. (For a list of Green Thumb Sunday blogs, please scroll down my blog.)

20 thoughts on “Green Thumb Sunday and some roses

  1. Cute picture. It sounds like a beautiful day there. We just finished our egg hunt and now the kids and their dad are building a tree house.Did you take any pictures of the newspaper pots?I’ve seen them. But I don’t know how to make them. They had directions in the garden section on how to make them but I could’nt figure it out. I was going to write a blog about it when I figure it out. But my tiny little cranium can’t grasp it yet.Happy reading!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m sorry you’re still frosty, but think of me in July when you are lush and we are brown! How much fun with your niece! I still try to get my 15 yo to stuff like that with me, but those times are becoming few and far between! Happy Easter!

  3. Hi kate,Hope your niece has great success with her seeds. Last year I had my nephew help me direct sow some seeds and I gave him large seeds so he’d have a better chance of actually landing them where they were suppose to go.*visiting for GTS

  4. I think we’ve got the same weather going on here, but I’m inspired by other green thumbers and one of my gardening magazines. Sounds like you came up with a great way to get some of your planting done with you enthusiastic little assistant. 🙂 Keep visiting the other Green Thumbers – that’s what this is all about. 🙂 Thanks

  5. After a warm week, wouldn’t you know the weather turned on us for the weekend. It’s been raining off and on for the last two days.

  6. It’s a chilly 58 here! 🙂 Well I could not resist, but I do hope the sun starts to warm you soon. The sun’s renewed warmth, after a cold winter will just feel so inviting..S

  7. Ah…reading in the sun…sounds lovely. We had an awfully gray Easter here for much of the day, although the sun poked through sometimes. Glad you had some help with those newspaper pots — sounds like a fun evening with Lauren!

  8. Hi Kate, Thank you for your comments about my dear elephants. You and your son will enjoy the site. Reading about you and your niece making pots and planting seeds reminds me of the times when Ashley was young and helped me garden. Generally, it was transplanting into pots and making pretty arrangements of them. She especially loves lobelia and I always grow it for her and then she transplants it. Sometimes we have to go on “slug patrol” at night with a flashlight and pick them off plants. But that does entail alot of shreiking on her part! It truly is alot of fun to garden with children. They never forget it – I know Ashley hasn’t. I’m just enjoying the “quiet” of this cold weather. Before you know it, summer will be full upon us and then we’ll have no time at all! Be talking to you soon, Alyssa

  9. How wonderful to get your niece interested in gardening. A budding gardener in the making.

  10. I really miss gardening with a child. I will resist nagging my son into breeding a new generation – I really will! Mahalo for sharing such a lovely time! viiting for GTS.

  11. I’d love to see how to make newspaper pots. Your description of more enthusiasm than precision strikes me as a wonderful approach to gardening.

  12. Kate,What a great way to spend a Sunday, sowing seeds with a little girl. I think the most fascintating projects were the “planting and growing” ones in elementary school. I hope kids still have that opportunity and pleasure in school…

  13. Hi Kate, you are lucky it stayed cold and nothing started growing. I am so depressed by my poor gardens after the hard freeze we had, I can hardly stand it. We’ll be seeing the effects of this all year.I wish I had a child to garden with, sounds like a lot of fun.

  14. You know your niece will never forget that her aunt introduced her to growing seeds…and that it was fun. What a lovely memory you will both have in years to come, as well as great excitement this coming season when the seeds come to fruition. My dad and my brother and my grandad all gave me their time and knowledge in helping me grow things in the garden, and it hooked me for life.

  15. That is a beautiful photo. I love the idea of newspaper pots. I’ll have to google that and learn the technique. Thanks for sharing and also thanks for posting at my site. PS: I just love the look of your blog, it is very relaxing and beautiful.

  16. You have a future gardener in training ..good for important to teach our children the magic of nature!I see three pink roses I love them! Today I posted a white rose.Yes one of these days we will be back in our rose gardens hugs NG

  17. Your niece will always remember making the newspaper pots with you. I hope that lots of the seeds germinate to give her many more memories.

  18. Hi Kate,What a lovely story and picture. Most children love to get their hands dirty with gardening. And they love to help as it makes them feel all grown up. ;-)Glad to see your seedlings popping their little heads up. Before you know it, you’ll be putting them outside in the garden. In the meantime, enjoy your books and dream about the wonderful things your garden will have in store for you soon.

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