Carrying bits of my garden indoors

Yesterday I was talking with a friend about how many of the things I do indoors – from reading to silk ribbon embroidery to stenciling my walls, doors and pots – usually involve flowers and greenery. This winter I started painting in watercolour so that I could paint the flowers in my garden.

My friend pointed out that how often flowers are represented in our indoor furnishings, textiles and decorations. We choose floral fabrics to cover the sofa and paintings of flowers to decorate the walls. It is as if we need to have little reminders of the outdoors especially during those times of year when all is brown and covered in snow. I think that is when I have my strongest urge to start a new embroidery project. I guess it is a longing to recreate my garden during the winter months.

I love creating my own flowers on a blank piece of fabric and then deciding on the ribbon colours. Sometimes I spend hours looking through the beautiful hand-dyed, variegated silk ribbons because I cannot quite decide on the colour combinations. Mostly I suspect it is because I love the feel of the ribbons and am mesmerized by the beautiful colours.

The two top pictures are closeup shots of the design on the top of the canvas wall hanging pictured here. The wall hanging has several rows of pockets which are meant to house paintbrushes and supplies.

One of these days I will take pictures of the blackberry vines which adorn the door and the walls in my upstairs bath. I have this need to be surrounded with memories of my outdoor life … and it a need that shows no sign of going away anytime soon!

15 thoughts on “Carrying bits of my garden indoors

  1. LOVELY silk embroidery! What a talent you have – and the colors are stunning!

  2. fabulous wall art! I just started embroidering with silk ribbon very recently. Prior to this time, I just couched the ribbon in place as borders in art quilts. But WOW is the embroidery process fun! Not sure if it’s the good or the bad news that now I have another interest to explore…

  3. Kate, it´s really wonderful what you have done! And the colours are beautiful, for me they are very harmonious! I begrudge you about the talent to paint – I have no talent at all painting pictures and flowers!

  4. It looks great! I only do cross-stitch and closely follow the pattern, but silk ribbon embroidery seem a lot more difficult and to create your own design… wow, I’m impressed!

  5. Excellent colour combinations, lovely embroidery. I love colours and are not afraid to use them, either in the garden or in my home.

  6. The ribbon embroidery is lovely – what a delightful way to store paintbrushes and art supplies. The colours of the silk ribbons are like those in a particularly pretty cottage garden. I look forward to exploring your blog more thoroughly when I have a bit more time, this week has been very busy and I’m away over the weekend so hopefully next week….

  7. I just took a close look at your ribbon embroidery. It is very pretty, and I love the colors. That is something I need to find out about.

  8. I know what you mean about wanting to bring the yard indoors. I live in a place with long cold winters which makes playing in the yard difficult for 4 or 5 months a year. By the end I start to get quite frantic about wanting to be outside. I like the art ideas, but also I like your blog as it is gotten me thinking about the garden and the coming spring. Sometimes we/I get too caught up in work and current stuff, and forget to remember what’s important and what life’s really all about. Thanks for reminding me.

  9. Reminds me of the embroidery our 4th grade teacher taught everyone in the class to do, us boys included. I guess she was an enlightened thinker way ahead of her time. 🙂 We all loved her even if she made us do sissy things.

  10. Colour. Where would we be without it? These works of yours are stunningly lovely, Kate. I don’t do anything like that anymore—too busy writing or standing on my head in the garden–but I surround myself with beautiful, colourful things made by people with talent such as yours. When you have a chance, pop over to The artist makes the most amazing clothing and home accents, most of them in silk, handpainted by herself. Her stuff makes me instantly happy.

  11. I didn’t realise at first when I looked that this was embroidery – it’s gorgeous!!! I haven’t done any embroidery in years but really enjoyed creating my own images when my daughters were young and I wasn’t painting. If I only had time I wouldn’t mind doing some again 🙂

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