In honour of some wonderful Irish fiddlers

I have spent these past days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day listening to my favourite Irish fiddle tunes. One of my favourite CDs is Her infinite variety: Celtic women in Music & Song (Green Linnet Records)

When I started on the violin a few years’ ago, these were the tunes that I dreamed of playing. Ahem … not exactly an easy feat. So that’s why my violin is sitting on this chair and I am writing rather than playing!!

In honour of some incredible Irish fiddle music and my Irish fiddling friends here, Mary and Roseanne, may I suggest you stop by and listen to Maeve Donnelly, Liz Carroll, and Eileen Ivers ? Their tunes are guaranteed to make you want to get up and dance – which is what I do when my 14-year old son isn’t looking.

And if I had my druthers, I’d be spending my evening listening to Irish music. Instead I will be attending a ‘Greek night’ for the Autism resource centre, which I secretly hope features some Irish music!

In the meantime, after a quick gym trip, I am planning to spend an inspiring afternoon in the land of blue poppies, transported there by the fascinating plant-collecting adventures of Frank Kingdon Ward. More about that tomorrow!!

5 thoughts on “In honour of some wonderful Irish fiddlers

  1. Wow – you play the violin! I’ve always wanted to, but chose the flute instead. My grandmother played violin though! The only Irish music we own to celebrate with is all bagpipe music. I think I need to add some fiddle music to our repertoire!

  2. Can’t wait to hear! Visiting your blog is costing me…lol…in a good way…I had to zip over to amazon and see about that cd! Hope you enjoyed Greek Night!Now, about those blue poppies…

  3. Cool photo, Kate. I wish I could hear you play. My husband is Irish and used to play the harmonica. Think I’m glad he doesn’t play that anymore. Hee!

  4. I think there is nothing happier than a house filled with music (and dance) – live or recorded. March 17 was certainly the day to celebrate music… Irish or otherwise! I had the pleasure of watching my daughter perform with her fiddle last night and felt very fortunate that at 14, she has persued her music with passion. Keep fiddlin’, Kate!

  5. Beachy – you definitely need to add some fiddle music to your collection. You won’t regret buying CDs by these artists. Sometime maybe Abby, I’ll put a sound clip on my blog!!! Yikes!I wish I could have heard S play on Saturday night. That would have been amazing!

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