Wading in the water

I wonder if Lytton, my big, brown dog, could ever be happier than he was today. It was a glorious spring day – the first time in months that I was outside in a turtleneck and jeans and felt too warm!

Around lunchtime, Lytton donned his clean red and pink bandanna and off we set off for the park. Amid the quickly-shrinking snowbanks and the growing water puddles, L. took off across the field toward the river. On his return, he was wearing his biggest, goofiest smile as was I. How could I not smile as I closed my eyes and let the sun beat down on my face? The sensation was incredible.

As Lytton trotted along puddle-filled paths, I began to wonder if he does this on purpose: just as I walk around a puddle, he comes flying by spraying water everywhere. A short while later, he stops and sniffs some grass and casually glances back at me. It makes me laugh even if I’m soaked.

By the time we arrived back home, both of us were completely wet and muddy. I needed to pour water from my running shoes before leaving them in the sun to dry. L. lay on the front porch contentedly while I did my best to clean and dry him off.

Here’s a strange thing about melting snowbanks. Even if they are still one or two feet deep, as soon as your foot lands on the underlying grass, it sinks into about 6 inches of water. Cold water … not a pleasant sensation at all.

I have a sneaking feeling that my days of walking in the park are numbered until the grass has dried out. That’s okay because I have my work cut out for me … bailing water from the garage.

These surprisingly warm spring days are worth the odd bit of flooding, I figure. I wouldn’t have traded this day for anything … well, I can think of a few things, but I doubt they are, at this time, in the realm of the possible.

4 thoughts on “Wading in the water

  1. Hi Kate,thanks for visiting my blog.It´s so strange to see snow at the moment. Because this year we had no snow, which is in a way sad because I like it if everything is so white and calm but on the other hand now spring is here and I love it!Your dog is soo cute, I like him very much!Greetings, Verena

  2. What a great post! I had a walk like that on Tuesday, too–only my Dog was so muddy that I took her directly upstairs and bribed her into the bathtub. (She loves any kind of water–river, puddle, whatever–when she can jump into it. How getting a bath is some kind of indignity even though it involves her beloved water, I cannot fathom!)I look forward to visiting again and learning more about your garden this year.

  3. Thanks to all of you for the comments! My dog was quite confused this morning to find snow again. He much prefers water as does your dog, blackswamp_girl! I find it amazing that there was so little snow in western Europe this winter while we were receiving so much of it…One of these days, I’ll be able to post some pics of spring flowers. Ah, what joy that will be.

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