Icicle lane

When I left the house this evening, I was greeted to one of the most delightful sights that I’ve seen this winter. My neighbours had taken the giant icicles hanging off our houses and had lined both sides of their walkway with them. I ran inside and grabbed my camera to record it (see right).

Since the cold weather isn’t showing signs of letting up anytime soon, I have a hunch we’ll be enjoying the icicle lane for the next while.

So rather than lament the long winter, I am savouring the creativity and energy of my neighbours.

And now I’m off to make puffed wheat squares just because I figure my neighbours are richly deserving of a gooey chocolate concoction.

5 thoughts on “Icicle lane

  1. Kate, your neighbors crack me up! What a cool idea, and I love that you’re rewarding them with gooey treats in response. I’m sending you wishes for a soon-to-come Spring!

  2. Looks neat, although if you slip and fall, you will most likely be impaled.N

  3. Hi genie,I think the puffed wheat squares turned out great … and Nina, I hadn’t thought of that! What didn’t show up in the pic was the bluish colour that had been added to some of the icicles.

  4. That is AWESOME! Oh my goodness, I live in Australia so I never see snow and icicles, although I do agree with Nina – it’s a tad dangerous!

  5. Your neighbours are brilliant! If I wasn’t tired of this winter I would say that I can’t wait for next winter to do that here. However good sense prevails, at least for now.

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