Burnt the toast this morning, but …

… thankfully the sun is shining. I took a picture yesterday of a corner of the back garden after a blizzard passed through the day before. You’d never know there is a pond in the lower right-hand corner of this picture.

If you check out the gardening picture to the far left, you’ll see that it is of the same section of garden now buried under snow.

The most I can say this morning is that I am proud of my beloved big brown dog for not having strayed from the paths all winter long. There isn’t one pawprint in any of the flowerbeds.

7 thoughts on “Burnt the toast this morning, but …

  1. Dear Kate,I can only say that your blog is going from strength to strength. Your writing is a joy to read… More! More!S

  2. I am really enjoying it too, Kate. And I love the garden pictures. When I lived in Fairbanks, I gardened almost exclusively with annuals. Is that what you do in Saskachewan, or do you get to have some perennials?

  3. Thankfully, we can grow most perennials from Zone 1 to 3… every now and then, I can keep zone 4s thriving. I use annuals mostly in pots … I’ll have to post some pics of my stenciled flowerpots. (which reminds me that I need to think about repainting some soon! Gardening in Alaska would be quite the experience … the long, long days during the summer …

  4. Here’s my second try at leaving a comment—-thank you for visiting my blog and for introducing me to yours. I will be a frequent visitor, you can count on it!

  5. from one snowed in Kate-gardener to another….someday we know that the snow will melt, the flowers will bloom again and the butterflies will swarm. The wind will feel soft and light on our skin and the warmth of the sun will be soothing instead of biting through us.Someday. I look forward to reading your blog, it’s really beautiful!

  6. Laura and Kate-gardener: I spent some delightful hours yesterday wandering through both of your blogs. Thank you for visiting mine!

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