Here I sit sorting through my silk ribbon collection; trying to decide on the flowers I’ll draw to embroider next. About six years ago; at one of life junctures, I grew to love silk ribbon embroidery as a way to pass through the winter months with my mind brimming with images of my summer garden.

Since then, I’ve embroidered wall hangings, tablecloths, napkins, curtains, shirts, velvet wine bags and pictures et al. – all bearing bits of my garden.

I wish now that I had taken pictures of my embroidery work. So much of my heart was put into them. As with so many things in life though, I’m no longer sure of their whereabouts. With some, I know they are cared for lovingly while with others, I can only hope they serve as remembrances of things past.

Maybe that’s why a garden has always grounded me – through changing seasons, I know instinctively how to nurture plants. They thrive without asking for much in return.

If only I had a way to understand people as I do plants. I suppose that is one of the great ironies of life.

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  1. You do understand people…just look inside yourself.Your blog is truly lovely, just as you are my friend!Laura

  2. I have a lot of embroidery that has disappeared into the cosmos. The one I regret the most was a brown pendleton shirt/jacket that I had embroidered an amazing dragon in reds and golds on the back of. I forgot it on the Greyhound bus when I was travelling across country one time, and I swore if I ever saw a person wearing it I was going to rip it off their body. I can understand why someone would take it rather than turn it in at “Lost and Found”, it was gorgeous. Never got a picture of it, though.

  3. Aunt C, that was a really depressing post. I think you understand people very well. At least you understand me well…but we’re quite similar on many levels. By the way, it’s Antonia your niece leaving all these creepy-stalker anonymous comments. I hope you figured that out before freaking out that there was some weirdo blog-stalker…or maybe, I am one and you just never knew…….

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