À la bonne franquette

Sometimes I am awed by just how much musical talent exists in Saskatchewan. Last night, I attended a concert at The Exchange in Regina – Rogairi (pictured at right), a local Celtic group played along with Les cireux d’semelles, a traditional, energetic Fransaskois group.

It was an incredible evening. While Les cireux performed, I realized just how much I missed living among Francophones in Ottawa. There are not many opportunities to hear traditional French music here, so I thoroughly soaked it in.

The Exchange was a perfect setting to listen to both bands. À la bonne franquette (meaning – at a kitchen party) was exactly what we were attending. Rogairi played after Les cireux and continued on with traditional music, but with an Irish/Scottish twist. Irish dancers got up and entertained as well.

When both bands arrived on the stage after a break, it was impossible not to get up and dance. The amazing accordion player with Les cireux taught a traditional French circle dance. It didn’t take long for dancers to catch on to the steps. I was surprised by how good both groups sounded even though there were some sound problems throughout the evening. We left before the concert ended … somehow I imagine the dancing went on late into the night.

So while it sometimes feels as if I am living in a hinterland, there are these amazing moments when I realize how fortunate I am to live among such incredibly talented yet unassuming prairie people.

6 thoughts on “À la bonne franquette

  1. Hello! I’m so glad you enjoyed the show! We had a great time playing for such an enthusiastic audience. That French circle dance was definitely a hoot! Take care!Rógairí

  2. re: Rógairí’s comment — It wasn’t a ‘hoot’. It was un “‘oot.” 😀

  3. Aunt C! Don’t you love all my comments? I would have to agree about prairie people…they are a breed unto their own and while Albertans make fun of Saskatchewanians, I know that there is more humanity in the prairies than here. That’s why I’m so glad that I am connected to Saskatchewan, albeit a second-generation connection only. Love you lots!

  4. A la bonne franquette… funny you should mention that, and that you play the violin… I stumbled across your blog when I was checking links to my fiddle camp… the Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party.. because I too love music. Perhaps this is something that might interest you… http://www.kenoseekitchenparty.ca Hello from Michele

  5. Okay.. now I feel silly! I just checked and we’re already linked! Wow! Perhaps I could comment on my love of great coffee, my friend who played on the Fire Lily cd, or some other inane item …um.. like the beauty of the prairie sky tonight. ( bye!)

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