Beginning smudges

Lately the word, smudges, has intrigued me. It has an earthy ring to it and evokes all sorts of cool images. Blurring images and ideas and watching their transformation into something entirely different holds a certain fascination for me.

Maybe this has something to do with my recent foray into watercolour painting. Every time I sit down and mix paints, I feel as if I’ve entered an incredible world of magic. I’m drawn more and more to blurring objects with water or colour. Mostly I marvel at my newfound ability to create all sorts of shades of different colours by the simple combination of blue, red or yellow.

Smudges remind me, too, of my garden and the sheer joy of digging and playing in the dirt. At end of a long gardening day, I love seeing all the smears of dirt that I’ve managed to collect. And mostly I love closing my eyes at this time of year and picturing my garden on a spring evening with the flower colours all smudged together.

2 thoughts on “Beginning smudges

  1. I have smudges on my knees as I type. I have on yesterday’s slacks which acquired their dirt whilst I was planting my peas. Seems like you are off to a great start with your blog, Kate. Thanks for visiting mine!.

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